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Music for video

Music is an essential component of most videos. It can help to drive your story forward and increase the likelihood of eliciting an emotional response from viewers. When using music in your videos, it is important to confirm you have the appropriate rights and licenses in place. Regulations and laws are strictly enforced, and units must follow the agreements.

There are a number of types of music licenses, but audio visual projects likely require a sync license. It is important to make sure the license covers all of the proposed uses – for example, a sync license permitting use with an audiovisual project likely does not permit live performances of the music, but it may also prohibit certain online uses (like use on YouTube), or it may include other restrictions that don’t meet the needs of the project. Use beyond the terms of the license can lead to legal claims. For more information, reach out to ASU’s Office of General Counsel.

Audio Network

The Enterprise Marketing Hub maintains an annual license agreement with Audio Network that provides users across the ASU enterprise unlimited downloads from the Audio Network music library. The license covers usage of their tracks in videos that are published online (YouTube included), or worldwide social media platforms, or both, whether the content is organic or promoted (with no limit on media spend), in perpetuity. It does NOT cover videos meant for broadcast and digital TV (including OTT, VOD and IPTV) or radio spots.

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Additional resources

There are a number of low cost or no cost music licensing options available online. However, these options should be used only as a last resort, and only with extra caution, as they can present a higher risk. Although these websites offer “royalty free” or “public domain” options, they can and do still put limitations on how the music can be used (including, for example, limiting the use to only non-commercial uses, or requiring specific attribution). Because these options are low or no cost, these websites often do not provide any guarantees that use of the music won’t infringe.     

Audio Jungle

Departments can arrange to purchase individual songs for a single event or video project (Music Standard License). Costs range between $15 to $400 max per song.

Free Music Archive 

When using this music library, songs must be under a creative commons license that allows for commercial use. 

After selecting a song, click on “Continue reading” under “This song is free to use under certain conditions” to verify it’s free for commercial use under certain terms such as an attribution requirement.