ASU Brand Guide - Elements of the Brand
Elements of the ASU brand

Spirit marks

These marks are used to support, promote and celebrate Sun Devil® Athletics and ASU-recognized student organizations.


  • The nickname “Sun Devils” was adopted on Nov. 8, 1946, when the student body voted 819 to 196 to make the change after frequent appeals made in The State Press — the student newspaper. More on Sparky here on
  • In 1948, Disney illustrator Berk Anthony designed Sparky holding a trident, which is referred to as Sparky’s pitchfork.
  • The iconic pitchfork was translated into the pitchfork hand signal with three fingers pointing up by three students in 1986, according to The State Press.
  • In the 2011–12 athletic season, Sun Devil Athletics started using the current athletics pitchfork logo as the primary logo. It looks like a trident with a shorter handle, like an Olympic torch. The “It’s Time™” hand pitchfork graphic was also introduced, with a small pitchfork in the palm of the hand.
  • In 2016, the additional drawing of the hand pitchfork was introduced as part of brand updates in the It’s Time campaign. Watch the It’s Time video.



In an ongoing effort to project academic excellence and quality in all communications, the guidelines related to the athletics mascot and university spirit mark have been updated and are effective as of Oct. 1, 2018.

Sparky logo

Approval to use Sparky

Sparky is the mascot for Sun Devil Athletics and a spirit mark for use by registered student groups. The usage is managed by the Chief Brand Officer of Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management. 

Approval is required by all seeking to use photos or illustrations of Sparky.

All units, with the exception of Sun Devil Athletics and registered student groups, are required to both:

  1. Seek approval to use Sparky
  2. Restrict the use of Sparky to communications that are related to tradition and university spirit

Request approval to use Sparky

Discuss this request with your unit’s lead communicator or your campus office so they are aware of this request. Clear communication with leads will prevent confusion and help reduce the time for any approvals required.

 Find your lead communicator

Use by registered student groups

Contact the organization's campus office for authorization:

Use guidelines

If you have approval to use Sparky (see above), follow the guidelines when implementing the illustration:

  • No modifications are allowed: He should never be modified, dressed or embellished. No likeness of his body or head may be created.
  • Registration Sparky is a registered trademark of the Arizona Board of Regents. The first use of Sparky on any item must carry the symbol of a registered trademark (®). Sparky is a federal trademark and CANNOT be altered.
  • In licensed apparel, the mascot may be presented in a tone-on-tone design. Whenever this presentation is used, it must retain the original character of the design by presenting the face and trident in a lighter shade than the rest of the costume. The teeth and area around the irises of Sparky’s eyes should always be white. All tone-on-tone applications must be approved by the ASU Brand Council.
  • Pose: Sparky may only be used in the standard pose. Modifications are not allowed.
  • Severability: Sparky must always be shown as a whole image or in partial images that do not detach part of his anatomy from his body. However, in some applications Sparky’s head may be used in isolation (without the rest of his body), and the trident may be used separately as a decorative element.
  • Color: Sparky is shown in one of four standard color combinations: 
    • maroon, gold and white 
    • reverse 
    • black and white, or 
    • maroon and white (see below)

Sparky Color Variations

  • Three-dimensional and animated applications: Sparky may be represented in three-dimensional or animated form. In these applications, the restrictions under “Pose” apply.
  • Tradition and spirit: Sparky communications are restricted to those that are related to tradition and university spirit.


Hand pitchfork

Decorative hand pitchfork

The original hand pitchfork graphic, the "It’s Time" mark, shows a small pitchfork in the lines of the hand and is available from Trademark and Licensing.

Any graphic that creates essentially the same commercial impression as the original “It’s Time” hand pitchfork is considered a registered mark that must carry the circle R. The hand must be shown in the same formation of the hand shown here.

Download hand pitchfork files

Hand pitchfork files 

It’s Time hand pitchfork

Original Hand Pitchfork

Additional hand pitchfork

Hand pitchforks

Options to customize

Units may download the hand pitchfork graphic and customize it to new uses, while always including the ® mark.

Hand Pitchfork Example

Hand Pitchfork Example 2

Hand Pitchfork Example-3


#ForksUp® hashtag graphic use

Forks Up logo

The hashtag graphic was made to formalize and simplify the use of this high performing social media marker. The graphic includes the trademark symbol as this phrase is legally protected.

Download from ASU's brand library



Sparky’s pitchfork

General pitchfork use

Sparky’s pitchfork can be used by recognized student groups and other university-affiliated organizations as a university-approved mark as long as it is used in its entirety — including the head of the pitchfork and the entire handle. 

Sparky’s pitchfork should never be modified, cropped or embellished. No likeness of the pitchfork may be created. Using only the head of the pitchfork is not permitted.

These guidelines do not apply to the athletics pitchfork licensed exclusively for Sun Devil Athletics. Please refer to the Sun Devil Athletics Brand guidelines for more information.

Sparky's pitchfork

Download Sparky's pitchfork

ASU units

Sparky’s pitchfork should not be used for communications of an academic or business nature, including research proposals, signage, flyers, curricular materials, annual reports, etc. 

Registered students groups

Contact the organization's campus office to provide your student group access to these files:



Athletics pitchfork

Athletics pitchfork

The Sun Devil Athletics pitchfork and the Sun Devil Bold font are exclusively reserved for Sun Devil Athletics. The logotype and Sun Devil Bold font are not available for use by other individuals or groups.

Any exceptions to this rule must be granted in writing by the Sun Devil Brand Council. The Sun Devil Brand Council can be reached at

Guidelines for athletics creative can be found in the unit specific guidelines section of the brand guide.