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Elements of the ASU brand

Learn to Thrive

About tag lines

A tag line is simply a short set of words that companies use to associate with their brand or service for external audiences. It is the creative interpretation of the strategic brand platform. The goal is to be clever, relevant, unique and memorable. Tag lines can change over time.

For example, BMW positions itself on performance and drivability. Therefore, it's not surprising that its tag line is "the ultimate driving machine."


Learn to thrive

Our brand platform is expressed through our tag line, “Learn to thrive.” This articulates the university mission of accountability for long-term success — not just academic success — in a memorable way.

  • “Thrive” carries an emotional power that is greater than success, prosperity or recognition as an end benefit. It connotes growth and the ability to triumph over obstacles, two aspects of life that are important to students in research.
  • “Thrive” is an ideal springboard for telling ASU’s story of inclusiveness — no matter who we are, we should have the tools we need to thrive. That inclusive message can be tailored to specific targets, age cohorts and geographical reach.
  • Learning to thrive speaks to a lifelong journey, not just the time required to get a degree. It is a frame of reference that alumni and faculty as well as students can relate to.
  • Learning to thrive provides reassurance to students who may be uncertain about their ability to succeed in college, particularly first-generation students.
  • Learning to thrive creates fertile ground for interactivity and introspection. What does thrive mean to you? What will it take to get past anything that stands in your way?
  • “Thrive” has an energetic, optimistic attitude that complements ASU’s brand identity.
  • “On my way to a better life” is not the university tag line. It is a strategic framework and should never be used as a unit or university tag line.

Using the tag line

When using the tag line, please keep the following in mind:

  • It is not required on all materials, but units are encouraged to incorporate it and the majority of central communications will feature it.
  • If the tag line is incorporated into design materials, consider use of the provided graphic lockups to maximize brand and design consistency.
  • Do not make any modest edits to the tag line. The language and casing standards have been established. Any minor modifications to the tag line weaken its impact.

LearnToThrive Combined Lockups

Download the Learn to thrive graphic lockups


By downloading the tag line file, you are agreeing to follow the use guidelines and standards listed above.

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