Brand Guide Execution Guidelines
Elements of the ASU brand

ASU unit logos and marks

Usage standards

All guidelines for the use of the ASU logo also apply to ASU unit logos. 

No modifications may be made to these files and new unit logos may not be developed by university units.

Logos have been designed for the media uses indicated (CMYK and SPOT for print, RGB for digital).

CMYK files are for printing on office and digital printers. Spot colors are custom inks used by specialty printing companies. The RGB color space is used for screen-based applications and MS Office uses.

Unit Logos

Download unit logos

The approved color, layout and orientation options for unit logos are located in the brand galleries.

By downloading the logo you are agreeing to abide by the university standards within the brand guide.

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Unit logo system

The unit logo system was introduced in 2004 and refined in 2008. In 2016, the system evolved to respond to today’s environment and the growing strength of the ASU brand. 

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Who is eligible for a unit logo?

Unit logos, also referred to as endorsed logos, may be developed for university units that need to be consistently represented to the public. The logo includes the ASU sunburst, the unit name and the full name of the university, which may not be omitted in any circumstance. 

Learn more about eligibility details here.

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For units that do not qualify for a unit logo

If you work in an area that does not qualify for a unit logo, the guidelines below describe how to represent yourself as part of Arizona State University in a brand-aligned way.

Units and programs that do not qualify for a unit logo may use: 

  • A text element naming the unit that does not include the letters “ASU” in the name. 
  • The ASU logo for the parent unit or the ASU university logo must always be used in concert with the text element.

Please note that text elements often work best when they are not locked into a permanent fixed graphic with the ASU logo. Rather, the text element may move and relate to the ASU logo based on the specific deliverable. Units and programs may consider using a mark on one area of a piece of communication, for example the top of a page, while placing the ASU logo in another location on the page, for example at the bottom of the page. The new endorsed logo system is based on a left-aligned structure for maximum readability.

The default location for the ASU logo is the bottom left of a piece of communication, though it is not required. Other locations for the ASU logo may be better for the deliverable based on context-specific details, to be determined by the unit.

Please be sure your text element does not sit immediately to the right of the ASU logo such that it looks like a variation of the endorsed logo system.

Sample text element examples are below. These specific designs are not required.

Unit logos

A text element contains:

  • A unit’s name typeset in the brand font.
  • A separate placement on the page of the Arizona State University sunburst logo.

A text element can be shown in the following color formats:

  • Black.
  • Maroon.
  • Gold.
  • White.
  • Secondary color palette only for use in specific circumstances in which the color determines user behavior. For example, recycling signs on a blue recycling bin to help users distinguish systems and make faster decisions.

 Sample solutions:

Subunit placement