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Elements of the ASU brand

Licensing and merchandise

ASU trademark licensing program

The Trademark Licensing office works closely with the campus community, internet sellers, licensees and stores to develop cooperative relationships and to create a stronger market for their products displaying ASU logos and trademarks.

ASU offers the rights to use logos and trademarks to those organizations or individuals that meet licensing requirements and that offer products or services deemed to be appropriate for sale or distribution.

The Trademark Licensing office also works with retailers carrying licensed merchandise to increase sales and keep unlicensed merchandise off the shelves of competing retailers. ASU maintains lists of retailers and directs customers to their outlets. The department staff work with Sun Devil Athletics and licensing agencies to market promotional opportunities and merchandise in conjunction with ASU events.

Officially licensed products will display the Collegiate Licensing Company | Learfield | IMG College (CLC) hologram or label. Retail licensees are required to include the CLC graphic, hangtag or holographic sticker with each licensed product and or product packaging. This serves as a signal to consumers that the merchandise is approved for sale by the university.

CLC hologram


Manufacturers and organizations that want to produce items using ASU logos, trademarks and tradenames must obtain a license.

Before manufacturing any products or providing any services bearing or containing any ASU logos or trademarks every individual and organization must first enter into a licensing agreement with ASU or an ASU licensing agent. Each licensing agreement requires the payment of a royalty or other consideration deemed appropriate by ASU in exchange for permission to use the logo or trademark. All licenses and exemptions for licensing or royalties must be in writing.

This licensing requirement applies to all individuals and organizations that use ASU logos and trademarks. This includes those who create unique, artistic, handcrafted and similar items for donation, exchange or sale. Licensing rules also apply to items at crafts fairs, charitable auctions, over the internet and at other events. 

Individuals and organizations wishing to purchase a product bearing an ASU logo or trademark for distribution or resale must obtain the product from an ASU-licensed vendor.

ASU merchandise is available for review and purchase at: 

Obtaining a license

To become an ASU licensed vendor, apply with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). All licensed vendors are also required to register with the Fair Labor Association and meet all FLA requirements.

License types 

Internal campus suppliers 

This license type allows an individual or organization to produce merchandise bearing ASU trademarks for university departments and related entities for internal use and consumption. This license type does not allow an individual or organization to produce merchandise bearing ASU logos or trademarks for resale.

Standard license 

This license type is for organizations that are capable of extensive production and retail distribution of their product or are introducing a unique product to the collegiate market. Standard licenses are typically not granted to first-time applicants or entities without well-established marketing plans, existing product distribution or a solid financial history of selling licensed products. Applicants for this license type should provide detailed information in the application.




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