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Executing the brand

About the ASU brand

What is a brand?

A brand is the way an individual perceives an organization based on the sum of their exposure and experiences to that organization. ASU has many types of constituents who experience the ASU brand in a variety of ways. It is critical that communication and experience offered by ASU be as clear and consistent as possible, to create and maintain our intended perception. For that reason, the ASU brand is centered on the brand platform.


The ASU brand platform

Introduced in 2014, the brand platform makes up the foundation for all the ways in which we express the brand to our audiences. Imagery, colors, writing style — all are informed by the brand platform.

The ASU brand platform is an enduring, strategic, internal statement that defines and guides the positioning of the university in the marketplace and throughout the world. It informs how the brand essence is communicated and it helps keep those communications and creative manifestations consistent, unified and complementary. 

The brand platform was designed to:

  • Provide unified direction for marketing communications, strategy and development of tactics by everyone within the ASU enterprise.
  • Create and sustain differentiation from competitors.
  • Build loyalty and affinity among constituents.
  • Optimize resources and efforts across ASU’s distributed marketing and communications ecosystem.
  • Identify and explain the fundamental human value at the center of the ASU brand, most appealing to those at the entry point, primarily students.

The ASU brand platform — and the fundamental human value at its core — was developed through research among students and has been validated through repeated research to ensure relevance with the entry point. 

In 2022, the ASU brand platform evolved to reflect changes to the ASU public enterprise and its ambitions. A team of leaders from across the enterprise participated to ensure accuracy and alignment. Research among key constituents found the evolved platform both relevant and compelling. 


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ASU brand platform and the ASU Charter

The two are neither synonymous nor competitive. The ASU Charter for the New American University model conveys what we do as an institution. The ASU brand platform conveys why we do it in a way that is motivating and relevant for constituents.  

How the ASU brand should be executed and expressed

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