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The ASU communicators community includes those focusing on marketing, communications, design, web development, photography, video, social media, writing, public relations and more. 

There are several opportunities to stay engaged and contribute to and learn about brand standards and guidelines as they evolve or as new guidelines are set.

From ASU-wide All Hands meetings, to topic-focused community meetings and Slack channels, there are plenty of opportunities to stay connected within the ASU communicators community and abreast of new tools and resources to support you in your work.

The Community Huddle newsletter

The Community Huddle is a monthly newsletter that includes ASU branding and standards updates and  helpful tools and resources. 


ASU Marketing and Communications Slack

ASU’s multiple marketing and communications Slack communities are now consolidated into one new marketing and communications Slack community. Join here.

General Slack channels:

See channels for specific topics listed in each section below.


Topic-focused community groups


Email community

The ASU email community meets on the second Thursday of every month to receive updates and share ideas. See past meeting presentations, agendas and recordings.

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Slack channels:


Design and creative media community

Slack channels:


Search engine optimization community

The ASU SEO community meets on the second Wednesday of every month.  


Social media community

The ASU Social Media community meets the first Tuesday of each month to share best practices, standards, case studies, platform updates and to collaborate on the future of ASU social media. 


Web community

The ASU web community meets on the last Thursday of each month. 

Slack channels:

Communicators community

For all communicators, there is a 9:30 a.m. check-in call every Monday. Media Relations and Strategic Communications share the week’s main communications priorities and President Crow’s planned appearances, and each communicator shares what’s happening in their unit that week.  It is expected that each unit has at least one representative in the weekly meeting.


ASU News updates for communicators

Updates for communicators from ASU News include AP style changes, reminders about grad profiles and more.

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Science writers check-in

A monthly check-in meeting is held for science writers. 
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