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About our community

Branding is more than instructions on how to use the ASU sunburst logo. It's a broader concept that includes color, typography, fonts, photography, language, tone and much more.

To help you produce communications that fully represent the ASU brand, the Enterprise Brand and Marketing Guide is a collection of guidelines, information about branding in general, a definition of the ASU brand, downloadable logos, a toolbox of templates, and other resources to help you produce ASU-branded communications.

The brand guide is maintained Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management, in partnership with units around the university, and with the support of our robust ASU design and communicators community.

Deans, VPs and lead communicators

Each college and VP unit appoints a creative lead. These are often the most senior marketing position in the unit. Questions about applying the ASU brand within a program, college or unit start with the lead communicator.

The communication leads are the Brand team’s primary contact regarding any logo request and questions for marketers about unit-based marketing. They lead the creative and branding strategy for their unit and are required to be well versed in the overall university brand and ensuring their unit is aligned with the overall university brand strategy.

Many of the lead communicators have additional tools and guides developed for their college or VP areas, can answer questions and may also have unit-level resources available to you.