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    Get the guides in print

    Consolidated highlights for FY20 communication and web standards

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    Branding is more than instructions on how to use the ASU sunburst logo.

    It's a broader concept that includes color, typography, fonts, photography, language, tone and much more.

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ASU logo


Logos aren’t just embellishments; they concisely represent the university brand. Learn how to use approved logos – and how not to.

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Color palette

There’s more to our color palette than just maroon and gold. This guide will help you select the right colors for your digital and printed projects.

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Writing guide

From email signatures to reports, follow these guidelines to ensure that your audience understands the message you want to convey.

Web standards and tools

Spin up a fully-standardized site in 15 minutes. No configuration necessary. All that's missing is your content.

Social media at ASU

Whether you're speaking to teens, or colleagues in your field, social media is a two-way street. Our policy and guidelines will help you navigate the world of social.


From ASU-branded images to tips on capturing your own photos, use our photography guidelines to ensure that your visuals convey the ASU story.