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Brand execution guidelines

Signage and environmental graphics standards and guidelines

The placement of any signage on campus requires review by multiple units to ensure that it functions efficiently and intuitively while minimizing visual clutter and maximizing brand consistency. The Enterprise Marketing Hub reviews all signage to ensure brand alignment and coordinates with the Office of the University Architect and Facilities Development and Management, as appropriate. If approved, signage print orders will be printed through the Print and Imaging Lab. These guidelines apply to all properties owned, leased or controlled by ASU and covers the following:

Marketing and communication signage



Event signage


Vehicle signage




Go big or go home: All you need to know about signage

Signage is a popular topic on campus because of its importance in helping campus visitors find their way and its powerful potential for creating a sense of place that builds the ASU brand. Find out everything you need to know about campus signage and what is on the horizon.