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About Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management

ASU Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management is ASU’s central function that enables a data-informed, ubiquitous approach to brand management. It is dedicated to increasing the strength of the ASU brand by improving perceptions of excellence, raising awareness and increasing pride across all ASU audiences. Reporting directly to the Office of the President, it is responsible for aligning the brand with the priorities of the ASU public enterprise executive team. 


About ASU and Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management

Arizona State University has developed a new model for the American research university — the New American University — creating an institution committed to excellence, access and impact. ASU is committed to a culture that embraces change across our institution, rethinking everything about how we reach and serve our communities. As the ASU public enterprise seeks to lead the way in defining a new category within higher education and its role in advancing our global future, the need for differentiation and establishing ASU as a premium brand has never been more important.

Members of the Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management team serve as:

  • Collaborative orchestrators who bring together the right people to deliver complex pan-university brand and communications projects, while building strong relationships.
  • Insights-driven strategists who apply data to guide decision-making and develop a long-term brand strategy. 
  • Creative artists who have the proven ability to build a body of creative work, bring the brand to life and scale ideas for enterprisewide use.

Our mission:

Build the strength of the ASU public enterprise brand among all audiences.

Areas of focus include:

  • Establishing the brand fundamentals and strategy to increase the long-term strength of the brand.
    • Developing the brand platform and brand portfolio strategy.
    • Establishing brand standards including logo, design, web, video, social and writing requirements.
    • Leading governance and working groups responsible for aligning and delivering on the brand strategy.
  • Creating, activating and managing enterprise campaigns and brand channels to raise the awareness of the ASU brand.
    • Developing enterprise advertising and promotional campaigns.
    • Overseeing enterprise flagship social platforms.
    • Overseeing high-traffic web assets.
    • Delivering ASU Thrive magazine. 
  • Enabling units to effectively deliver marketing and communications by aligning brand efforts and inspiring brand unity.
    • Providing training programs related to marketing and branding.
    • Facilitating community groups to align efforts and share best practices.
    • Developing tools including the brand guide, photo and video libraries and standardized templates.
    • Reviewing and aligning unit-level portfolio strategies and creative executions.


Jill Andrews
Chief brand officer

Lindsay Kinkade
Managing director, creative strategy

Adam Pierno
Managing director, brand strategy

Sarah Hough
Executive director, digital brand creative

Dan Tyrrell
Executive director, business and fiscal operations

Casey Francis
Senior director, community, culture and projects 

Chris Hagan
Senior director, brand creative (copywriting and video)

Chris Myers
Senior director, Print and Imaging Lab

Alina Grigorians
Director, production management

Connecting the marketing community

Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management shares guidelines, best practices, training sessions, events and groups to connect communicators and to bring clarity, quality and consistency to ASU marketing.

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General contact information:

Office hours: 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Arizona time, Monday–Friday

Phone: 480-727-5440

FAX: 480-727-7494

Street address (shipping and deliveries)

660 S. Mill Ave.

Centerpoint, suite 401

Tempe AZ 85281


Mailing address

Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management

Arizona State University

PO Box 875011

Tempe AZ 85287-5011