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About our community

About ASU Outreach Hub

In support of the outreach and transactional needs of the ASU public enterprise, the ASU Outreach Hub is committed to using data-driven insights, collaborative approaches and multifaceted outreach techniques to design marketing and engagement solutions that advance the enterprise and strengthen the ASU brand. 

About ASU Outreach Hub

The Outreach Hub specializes in three domains: paid media outreach, alumni and donor outreach and targeted corporate outreach, and provides consultation, tools, training and guidelines to the community to support their outreach efforts.

The team has expertise and capabilities in the following areas:

  • Planning and buying media — all budget levels and all media types.
  • Building journeys and omnichannel campaigns.
  • Performance marketing.
  • Fundraising communications and new donor acquisition tactics (in collaboration with ASU Foundation).
  • Alumni engagement strategies.
  • Affinity platform management (Sun Devil Rewards) including new features to support needs identified by the community.
  • Creating donor and/or alumni lists and suggesting list parameters to enhance performance.
  • Alumni insights, segmentation models and affinity scoring.*
  • Conducting constituent surveys and other types of primary research.*
  • Performing secondary research.*
  • Predictive modeling and forecasting.*
  • Extending corporate partnerships. 

* Via a new Center of Excellence in ASU Enterprise Partners.

Our mission:

We are dedicated to connecting more people and organizations in meaningful and impactful ways in support of the ASU Public Enterprise.

Areas of focus include: 

Lead an enterprise culture that promotes and delivers measurable experiences that are of high value to alumni and donors:

  • Serve academic units and key stakeholders that actively cultivate alumni by providing support, services, and best practices to advance engagement and giving efforts.
  • Promote enterprise standards for alumni engagement to include uniform definitions, tracking measures and metrics.
  • Act as the voice of alumni by having deep knowledge of alumni wants and needs and sharing insights with collaborators across the university.
  • Establish effective alumni engagement strategies in international markets which support broader overall brand expansion goals of the ASU Enterprise.
  • Serve as the go-to resource for access and outreach to the advancement database and experts in journey-based omni-channel campaigns designed to result in actions/transactions.

Specialize in paid outreach to prospective students, parents of prospective students, alumni and influencers:

  • Serve the ASU Public Enterprise by developing, implementing, tracking and analyzing paid media campaigns that help achieve business goals.
  • Oversee media agency activities and relationships.
  • Promote quality brand standards and ensure adherence to brand guidelines of all paid media assets and placements.
  • Coordinate media efforts across the university to ensure synergies, alignment and realization of KPIs.

Support a partner-centric approach to expanding corporate outreach:

  • Establish a new office of partner success to enable collaboration across the ASU Enterprise, building bespoke partnerships and ensuring access to the breadth of ASU resources.
  • Actively engage with current strategic partners to leverage the assets of the ASU Enterprise, broadening the scope of existing partners and accelerating the performance and competitiveness of our partners.
  • Increase the reach of the ASU enterprise into targeted corporate entities, expanding visibility into ASU’s strategic priorities and ultimately increasing revenue sources to the university.
  • Facilitate the enterprise’s presence in high-profile strategic leadership events.


The ASU Outreach Hub offers multiple services to the ASU Community, including paid media outreach, insights, alumni engagement support and donor outreach support.


Ann Toca
Chief outreach officer

Nadine Berghaus
Senior vice president, marketing ASU Online

Christine Carvalho 
Vice president, partner success

Julie Krell
Associate vice president, marketing solutions

Andrew Carey
Assistant vice president, alumni engagement

Carolyn Wood
Senior director, media services


General contact information:

Office hours: 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Arizona time, Monday–Friday


Street address (shipping and deliveries)

ASU Outreach Hub 
777 S. College Avenue
Suite 204
Tempe, AZ 85281

Mailing address

ASU Outreach Hub 
Attn: [name]
PO Box 2260 
Tempe, AZ 85280