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Unit logos, also referred to as endorsed logos, may be developed for university units that need to be consistently represented to the public. The logo includes the ASU sunburst, the unit name and the full name of the university, which may not be omitted in any circumstance.

ASU unit logo example

Eligible units include:

  • Major academic units such as colleges, schools and institutes that are headed by a dean.
  • Academic departments, schools and research centers that are not the primary academic unit (often headed by a director instead of a dean).
    These endorsed logos must be approved by both Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management and the dean of the primary unit.
  • Major ASU organizations created to support the university (e.g., ASU Foundation, ASU Alumni Association, EdPlus at Arizona State University, etc.).
  • Campuses and locations.

Unit logos are not to be developed for the following:

  • Administrative or secondary functions within a major academic or VP unit (e.g., department of finance, extended education, college-based career support services, etc.).
  • Internal ASU committees, councils and associations.
  • Student organizations.
  • University events.
  • University publications.

If your unit is not eligible for a unit logo, visit the ASU Unit Logos and Marks page for more information regarding ways to represent your unit without a unit logo.

If your unit is eligible, you may submit the Unit Logo Request Form. Before you submit your request, please review the checklist below:

  1. Ensure your unit does not already have a unit logo by performing a quick search in Widen, our digital asset management system, and checking with your unit lead communicator. 
  2. Discuss this request with your unit’s lead communicator so they are aware of this request. If you are not familiar with your unit’s lead communicator, you can find them here. The first step in the unit logo development process is receiving formal approval from your lead communicator. After you have submitted your request, you and your lead communicator will receive an email.

Request a unit logo