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Sparky use

Sparky is the mascot for Sun Devil Athletics and a spirit mark for use by registered student groups.

Approval is required for all university units seeking to use photos or illustrations of Sparky. The usage is managed by the Chief Brand Officer, in Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management. 

All units, with the exception of Sun Devil® Athletics and registered student groups, will restrict the use of Sparky to those occasions when the communication is related to tradition and university spirit.

Sparky’s usage is evaluated on the following general criteria. The list below serves as a general guide to those who wish to seek approval for Sparky usage.

Please refer to the FY2019 Sparky Update for examples of approved uses of Sparky.

Is the photo or illustration used for the following? Approved Not approved
Communications generated by Sun Devil Athletics, and not tied to any academic services or achievements X  
Communications generated by a registered student group, and not tied to any academic services or achievements X  
Promoting unit participation at an athletic event X  
Recruitment communications   X
Fundraising communications   X
Promoting a general university service   X
Academic and research communications   X
Conveying quality of student, faculty or alumni   X


Request approval


If you have approval to use Sparky, please follow the guidelines in the spirit marks section of the brand guide.