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Access and requests

Signage design and placement

Signage that requires creative and content review

  • 4-by-8 framed banners.

  • Acrylic and metal panels.

  • Construction fence banners.

  • Digital signage (Four Winds) for university feed.

  • Fulton Center prism banner.

  • Light pole banners.

  • State press news racks.

  • Surface clings.

  • Wall and glass wraps.

Steps of signage of approval process

  1. Signage request form
    The first step with any signage project is the signage request form. 
    This form captures important information about the project and allows us to work together to ensure the location you are requesting is permitted for signage.

  2. Lead communicator review
    Each unit has a lead communicator appointed by their dean or VP. This person is the Hub’s primary contact for signage approvals among other marketing and communication responsibilities. 
    Your lead communicator is asked to review the signage request to ensure they approve of the work being submitted for their unit and for increased visibility into projects.

    Lead communicator list
  3. Office of the University Architect approval (if needed)
    What exactly is the architect’s office reviewing?
    • Reviews space requested to ensure walls and location are permitted for signage and “assigned” to the unit requesting.
    • Is a sign the appropriate medium for the communication required?
    • Does an existing sign type fulfill the requestor’s need or will a custom solution be required?
    • How will the request improve or detract from the aesthetics of the spacce
  1. Hub creative review

    Signage requests are reviewed by the Enterprise Marketing Hub for brand alignment and to ensure the content does not conflict with other messages or initiatives.
    Common feedback may include:
    • Lack of ASU colors.
    • Not using Arial or Akzidenz Grotesk for the font.
    • Image selection (diversity, quality of image, context of image to content, etc.).

  2. Print Lab for printing and install
    Once your project has been approved, the ASU Print and Imaging Lab will take it from there! They will work with you on an estimate, proof approvals, printing and installation.