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Request an subdomain subdomains are granted on a case-by-case basis. All submitted requests for an * subdomain/URL are reviewed by the ASU web governance board.

Note: URLs must be approved by the ASU Web Standards Governance Board prior to inclusion in any communications or marketing materials. 

ASU subdomain and hosting standards have been revised as of July 2021 and apply to all new subdomain and website hosting requests.

Need to request approval to launch a new site? Fill out the request to launch.

Keep in mind:

  • All new websites must adhere to the ASU Web Standards.
  • All ASU websites using a top-level “” subdomain (example:  must be hosted on ASU approved hosting.
  • Where applicable, using a more specific subdomain, such as * versus *, has a greater likelihood to be approved.

The following may not be approved:

  • Common (generic) subdomains/URLs that are broad and could apply to universitywide (or multiunit) work, programs, efforts, initiatives, etc.
    • Example: — the site would need to cover all aspects involving Sparky at ASU. 
  • Top-level subdomains for organizations, courses, events, faculty members, labs, unit-specific initiatives.
  •* URLs, whether hosted sites or redirects, are reserved for enterprise-level initiatives and priorities and require additional approvals. 
    • Please use or* as alternatives.

If your request falls under these categories, please submit your request with the appropriate subdomain format detailed below.


Options for faculty, organizations, courses, events, or labs

These topic-centric subdomains will instead be granted on a first-come, first-served basis and do not require governing board review and approval.

  • * (individual faculty members)
  • * (student organizations)
  • * (faculty / staff organizations)
  • *
  • *
  • *

Using existing unit URLs

If you are requesting a subdomain or a URL for a project, program, service, initiative, etc., on behalf of a unit with an existing subdomain, please first check with your unit communications/web lead to determine if the new site can be a subsite of the unit’s existing site (example: is the unit subdomain for the College of Health Solutions). The approval of unit subsites is at the discretion of the unit.

  • * (example: subdomain/URL request form

Please note that approvals may take up to five business days. Subdomain/URL requests that involve top-level domains and do not follow the recommendations listed above may take longer.

I understand that ASU branding must be reflected on my website. I have reviewed ASU’s web standards and understand the expectations set forth in this documentation. If this subdomain request is approved by ASU’s web governance board, I will be responsible for ensuring that current ASU web standards are implemented and maintained on the website hosted at this subdomain, including meeting and maintaining current security standards. The board reserves the right to revoke subdomains that do not adhere to the ASU web standards. Noncompliance with ASU’s web standards will result in launch delays and possible revocation of previously approved subdomains. 

For more information regarding ASU Web Standards, please visit Enterprise Standards: for all ASU sites and the pre-launch web standards checklist.
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Consider that more user-friendly URLs can be created at the unit level, by the unit, for redirects: could be set up as a redirect to for use in communications. In this example, or would not be approved as a redirect to
Please note that Pantheon is ASU’s approved vendor for web hosting. If you’re not using Pantheon, review the following university policies: Vulnerability Management Security Standard and ASU Secure IT Development Standard.
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