ASU Brand Guide - Elements of the Brand
Elements of the ASU brand

Trademarks and licensing

ASU claims ownership of numerous designs, insignias, logos, names, seals, slogans, sounds, words and other symbols associated with ASU. These are trademarks and are the exclusive property of the Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of Arizona State University.

Unauthorized use of ASU logos and trademarks is prohibited. ASU actively protects its logos and trademarks against infringement. ASU encourages its affiliates and community members to report suspected infringement.

In addition to common law rights, many of ASU’s logos and trademarks are protected by registrations with the State of Arizona, the U.S. Trademark Office, and international trademark registries. Contact Trademark Licensing for information regarding state and international registrations and other trademark and tradename protections. Other basic information about ASU’s trademarks is located in the university policy. ASU only permits logo and trademark use that reflects positively on ASU. Use of ASU’s logos and trademarks is not permitted in connection with products or services that defame ASU or are alcohol-related, harmful, medical, obscene, shoddy, weapons or otherwise deemed inappropriate by ASU for reason of the services or product characteristics.

ASU trademarks

Arizona State University has more than 100 federally registered and pending marks. The most common ones include the following:

  • Arizona State University®
  • Learn to thrive®
  • Sun Devils®
  • Sun Devil®
  • ASU®
  • Fear the fork®
  • Thunderbird®
  • Universal Learner®
  • ASU Universal Learning®
  • SkySong®
  • Skysong Innovations®
  • ASU Online®
  • Decision Theater®

Special notes: “Arizona State,” though one of ASU’s registered marks and common nationwide, is not an acceptable self-reference outside of Sun Devil Athletics usage.

While they are not included on the chart of federally registered and pending marks linked in the beginning of this section, there are several marks that qualify for the ™ designation: 

  • A New American University™
  • Sun Devil Stadium™
  • Devils™ 
  • Go Devils™
  • It’s Time™
  • Forks up™
  • Fork 'em™
  • Fork 'em Devils™
  • Universal Learning™

If you have questions about the use of any mark, please contact Trademark Licensing.

For a complete list of all pending and registered marks, please visit: ASU pending and registered trademarks with the United States trademark office. Please note, while a registration is pending, it is appropriate to use ™. Pending registrations are identified in the linked chart for your convenience. The status of any mark can change; therefore, you should consult the chart each time you intend to reproduce a university mark.

It is required to use the proper designation on all of the university’s registered/pending logos and wordmarks, mascot, seal and tag lines in all publications, printed uses and on all products. In publications and printed materials, the first use of each mark in the "trademark sense" should carry the ™ or ®, as appropriate. "Trademark sense" is when you can replace ™ or ® with the word "brand" and it makes sense, i.e., Sun Devil® (brand) entertainment. In addition, in all cases the ™ or ® should be easily legible. 

When using trademark registrations in legal notices and documents, the mark should appear in all caps. For promotional and marketing materials, the ASU brand guide stipulates uppercase and lowercase lettering only.

Examples of trademark use

✅  Correct: Sun Devil® Athletics

🚫  Incorrect: I am a Sun Devil®

✅  Correct: Decision Theater® analytic services

🚫  Incorrect: Go to ASU’s Decision Theater®.

✅  Correct: I bought an ASU® license plate.

🚫  Incorrect: I am an ASU® student.


The ASU Trademark Licensing program works to positively promote ASU’s image, while protecting its trademark rights and ensuring that the university’s marks appear only on quality products. All apparel and non-apparel items embellished with any pending or registered university mark, whether for resale or internal consumption, must include the appropriate designation just to the right of the mark and must be produced by a licensed vendor.  View the list of approved vendors. 


ASU does not permit vendors or other contract partners to use ASU logos or trademarks without written permission. Vendors and contract partners of ASU must obtain prior authorization before:

  • Issuing press releases or public statements regarding contracts with ASU.
  • Representing or implying any ASU endorsement or support of any product or service in any public or private communication. 
  • Using any ASU logo or trademark for advertising or promotional purposes.

Learn more about the university’s trademark licensing program and the process for obtaining approval. 

The Rules: what you need to know about trademarks and licensing


ASU Trademark Licensing office

The mission of Trademark Licensing is to protect, preserve and promote ASU’s goodwill and reputation as a center of academic, athletic, innovation and research excellence. The office’s roles include licensing third parties to manufacture and sell products and services that feature ASU’s logos and trademarks. This licensing program enables ASU to share in the financial benefits derived from the commercial use of ASU’s logos and trademarks. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public support ASU and its mission through the purchase of licensed products and services.

Visit Trademark Licensing for more information on usage, infringement reporting, registering a new mark, student organization trademark usage and overview of the licensing program at ASU

For questions or information, contact Trademark Licensing.