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Video community

The ASU video community includes videographers, multimedia developers, editors, animators, communicators, writers, marketers and more who play a role in creating videos for ASU. This group meets every other month to share best practices, standards, templates, case studies, new gear, techniques and technologies, and to collaborate on the future of ASU video.

Topics covered will include subjects suggested by members of the community, but may range from capturing aerial drone footage to publishing strategies to video for social media – basically anything related to producing on-brand videos that drive results.

Find meeting details on the Academy calendar. Under Upcoming sessions, click on the meeting you are interested in to expand the schedule. You can copy the details and paste them into your own calendar, or simply click on the Zoom link at the appropriate date and time.  We would encourage you to send a request to be added to the ASU #photo-and-video Slack channel.


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FY24 presentations

October 2023

  • Video watching for awareness and sharing  
  • Workshopping a video
  • The business of video 
  • What do we want to discuss next time


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    August 2023

    • What and why we are here 
    • Video watching for awareness and sharing: Featuring work from departments W.P. Carey School of Business and Media Relations and Strategic Communications 
    • Workshopping a video: Introduction to the Critical Response Theory framework 
    • The business of video: B-roll now available in the ASU Brand Library 


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