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GIPHY is an online platform and search engine that allows users to search for and share GIFs — whether short looping video clips or animated stickers, illustrations, photos or memes.

GIF files may be developed by university units for public use. The official ASU GIPHY account — contains GIFs and digital stickers representing and celebrating various aspects of Sun Devil life and the ASU experience. 

As with all ASU flagship brand digital channels, the uploaded creative goes through rigorous development and review to ensure alignment with university brand standards. 

GIFs can be used across multiple ASU digital channels such as emails, social media, messaging, websites, presentations, etc. For more guidelines on using GIFs in social media, please visit social media GIPHY best practices or view more social media design guidelines.

GIPHY types

Sticker GIF

Per GIPHY, a sticker is a GIF file with transparency around the edges that can be used to enhance your storytelling. In order to register as a sticker, at least 20% of pixels must be transparent in the first frame. 

GIPHY sorts stickers separately from GIFs, and they have their own Application Programming Interface  as well. This API powers the sticker experience for multiple apps, such as messaging, social media, photo editing apps, among others.

Non-sticker GIF

GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format, a file format that supports both static and animated images. 

Unlike GIPHY stickers (which are identified by their transparent backgrounds), GIF files consist of an animation with a solid background. 

Request your gifs be added to the ASU GIPHY account

If you’re interested in creating GIFs for inclusion on the ASU GIPHY account, the first step with any GIPHY project is the GIPHY request form. This form captures important information about your project and allows us to work together to streamline the process. 

Each unit has a lead communicator appointed by their dean or VP. This person is the Brand team's primary contact for marketing and communication. Your lead communicator reviews the request to ensure the submitted work is approved.

View lead communicators list

Your review request may take up to 15 business days. Once your lead communicator has reviewed the work, please complete the GIPHY request form.

Submit your GIPHY request


Additional GIPHY training is available