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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the preferred secure email marketing solution for ASU. Create, send, track and analyze your email sends. Marketing Cloud provides you the opportunity to efficiently segment your audience, create targeted journeys, schedule automated emails and much more. 

Each user license costs $160, billed annually by Enterprise Technology, and FERPA and CAN-SPAM training is required.

For additional questions about Salesforce Marketing Cloud, email Enterprise Technology.

Review ASU’s brand standards and guidelines for email.


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Post-event Email Sequence (Journey) Post-event email outreach is crucial for building lasting connections and maximizing the impact of your event. Use this template to help curate a structured journey to a specific goal for your audience. 

This template can be located within Journey Builder > Templates > My Templates > Post Event Follow Up Template. 

Simply use the template as a framework for your own custom journey by selecting your own content and emails.


Experiencing issues with Salesforce Marketing Cloud? The following tips may resolve the issue(s).

  • Check your browser. Are you using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser?
    • Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers often are not compatible with Marketing Cloud.
  • Refresh Marketing Cloud/your browser if the application isn’t responding. If you still have problems, try using Google Chrome’s Incognito mode in a new window, or clear your browser’s cache/cookies.
  • Is it a test email? Test emails are not prioritized by ASU’s servers for delivery. If you are not receiving your test sends, try sending the email to yourself as a true send.
  • Look out for Outlook. Outlook uses Microsoft Word as a rendering engine and results in unique proofing considerations. Make sure to test your emails in Outlook before deploying a send.

If you continue to have problems, there are a number of resources available to you: