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Social Media Overview
Brand execution guidelines

Social media tools, training and resources

In this section, you will find information on social media tools, training for all areas of social media and additional resources to check out.

Enterprise tools


The tools listed below have been contracted by the ASU Enterprise Marketing Hub for social media management, analytics, social listening and content curation.


Hootsuite is the social media management platform contracted by the Hub for the ASU enterprise. Hootsuite has been the social media management tool of record for the ASU Enterprise since fiscal year 2017.

Services currently available: Hootsuite Publishing, Analytics and Hootsuite Impact (add-on). 

Hootsuite license and access


TINT is a self-managed SAAS platform that enables us to collect, curate and display user-generated content and our best social content in social galleries and embed it on websites. The ASU Enterprise Marketing Hub uses TINT to run hashtag campaigns, contests, product launches, request UGC usage rights and event displays. 

TINT has been the social media aggregator tool of record for the ASU Enterprise Marketing Hub since fiscal year 2019. TINT Experience Builder is contracted through Hootsuite.

Learn more about using User Generated Content.



Airtable is a tool that you can use to manage all of your marketing processes and workflows. Because Airtable is flexible and completely customizable, you can use it to do just about anything your marketing team needs. Some of their most popular marketing use cases are: social media content calendarseditorial content calendars, campaign management, event management, product launches and content operations.

Airtable Enterprise plans are available for all students and staff members. Learn more about getting an Airtable Enterprise license

Adobe Spark

As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, ASU staff and students have free enterprise access to Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a web-based service that provides the ability to create webpages, graphics and video stories easily through themes and layouts. Some of the assets you can create using Adobe Spark are social media posts, graphics, animations and other digital assets. Learn more about Adobe Spark

Other commonly used tools

Social media-related training


Marketing Academy workshops

  • Creating a social media strategy: Your social media strategy is your map to social media success. 
  • Social media analytics: Having a strategy is integral to the success of your social media efforts, but it is not enough. You should also constantly measure how your content and strategy are performing. Without a constant performance analysis, there is no way for you to know if your efforts are actually working in the way you intended. 
  • Social media crisis management: Be prepared! This timely review of do's and don’ts in the event of a social media crisis will include an important look at the ways you can work with the ASU Media Relations and Strategic Communications team in case of a crisis situation.

Recorded training

  • Career EDGE social media training: These prerecorded training sessions are available to ASU communicators as part of Career EDGE (you must be logged in with your ASURITE ID in order to see this catalog).

Industry resources


Bookmark these sites to stay on top of the latest trends in social media and get information on the latest releases from the platforms.

Social media blogs to follow









Other platforms:

Media websites 

Many have newsletters you can subscribe to, and social accounts you can follow:

Prominent social media accounts to follow

ASU Social Media workspace bots