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Promoting events at ASU

The ASU Events platform is the university’s official events calendar and management system that allows you to:

  • Easily promote your event both universitywide and to the public.
  • Be featured on the ASU Events website and event feeds across asu.edu and its subdomains, including My ASU.
  • Get exposure to more than 100,000 users through Sun Devil Rewards and ASU mobile app events.

How are events added?

Events may be submitted to the calendar by users who have been provided login access to the ASU Events system.  

  • Most departments have someone with access to add events into the system for review. For one-off event needs, please direct event submissions through that person. 
  • If you don’t know who to connect with or want to request access, you can reach out over email. For access requests, please be sure to include your ASURITE ID and business unit in the request. Please note we will reach out to the lead communicator for your unit to verify if additional access is required. If you have questions, please inquire at our #asuevents-user-community Slack channel, or email events@asu.edu

Tips and best practices

  • Events typically take one to two business days to be published once submitted, and an additional day to appear on secondary event feeds across asu.edu.
  • Enter your event as early as possible to maximize visibility with the ASU community.
  • Including a relevant, high-quality photo makes an event eligible for promotion on the ASU Events site and is more likely to be promoted by other units.
  • The ASU Events platform uses Arizona time, so please adjust accordingly if the event takes place in a different time zone.
  • Submissions are reviewed for AP style, the writing style adopted by ASU for all communications. To help expedite approval, please draft event copy so it aligns with the ASU writing style guide.
  • Use the Event toolkit to support your event messaging. Every event, large or small, hosted at Arizona State University is an opportunity to share and celebrate ASU. All units are asked to find opportunities to embed digital and printed content into your experience in order to improve perceptions and increase interest in ASU. 

For additional tips and instructions on adding events, please review the ASU Events user guide (how-to guide). Failure to follow the guidelines may result in publication delays.

My ASU ads and ASU News are other opportunities to consider when promoting an event. 

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