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Sun Devil Rewards

Sun Devil Rewards is our way of giving back to the ASU community for its ongoing engagement with the enterprise. Users earn points or “Pitchforks'' when they read ASU news, attend university events, answer ASU trivia and more. Pitchforks are redeemable for branded gear and apparel, and unique learning opportunities. Sun Devil Rewards is proven to increase affinity for the university among those who engage with the program. Learn more at

Engage your constituents with Sun Devil Rewards 

Sun Devil Rewards is another communication channel available to you to engage your constituents and grow their awareness about your school, unit or initiative. Reach alumni, students, faculty, staff, fans and supporters who regularly engage with the university. Or, keep your communications targeted to a specific audience whether that’s students, alumni, or faculty and staff. 

There are a number of ways Sun Devil Rewards can help promote an event or initiative. From digital ads and targeted communications to awareness-building and presence in the rewards catalog. 

University units have contributed exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences; personal meet-and-greet opportunities with ASU deans, professors and coaches; chances to enjoy hands-on learning experiences with subject matter experts; and more!

Sun Devil Rewards users are looking for special opportunities and swag to redeem their Pitchforks. Flip through some rewards thought starters and be inspired! 

Issue a secret word and encourage check-ins at your events

Issue a secret word at your event.  Reach out to Sun Devil Rewards to get the process started. We encourage you to display one of three available Google slides as your guests are arriving.

Utilizing Sun Devil Rewards for promotions

Sun Devil Rewards features a carousel of banners to advertise and promote events, partnerships and university initiatives. A banner may be linked to a specific webpage to learn more. If you are looking to have a banner featured, reach out to Sun Devil Rewards.

Have a reward you would like featured in the catalog?

If you have swag or experiences you would like to have featured in the Sun Devil Rewards catalog, please reach out to Sun Devil Rewards to coordinate. 

If you are able to provide an image of the item or experience, please attach it to the email. 

Sun Devil Rewards lingo

Earn: Use the term “earn” (not “win” or “get”). 

’Forks: Abbreviated term for Pitchforks with a more playful tone.

Games: Includes polls, surveys, trivia and Tug O’ War, with only Tug O’ War capitalized.

Pitchforks: Keep score with “Pitchforks” (not “points”).

Rewards: Pitchforks are redeemed for “rewards” (not “prizes”).

Secret word: Earn 100 Pitchforks with “secret words” (not “codes”).

Event check-in: Note that “check-in” has a hyphen when used as an adjective or noun; “check in” when used as a verb is two words with no hyphen . 

Communication tone: Friendly and engaging. 

There are two types of Pitchforks - Lifetime Pitchforks and Pitchforks bank. Capitalize the ‘L’ but not the ‘b’, and always the ‘P’! 

Sun Devil Rewards logo

The official Sun Devil Rewards logo is available for your use to bring brand consistency in promotional material.

Please keep in mind: The logo cannot be modified in any way.

Logo usage:

  • The logo must always be used in concert with the ASU logo.
  • ASU units may consider using the logo on one area of a piece of communication (such as the top of a page) while placing the ASU logo in another location on the page (such as the bottom of the page).
  • Please be sure the logo does not sit immediately to the right of the ASU logo such that it looks like a variation of an official ASU unit logo.

The Sun Devil Rewards logo is located in the ASU Brand Library. 

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