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ASU logo, seals and spirit marks

The university logo, seal, mascot and Sun Devil Athletics’ pitchfork (as well as numerous word marks such as Sun Devil®, ASU®, Sun Devils®, Arizona State®, and Arizona State University®) are registered marks of Arizona State University.

Any individual, organization or company wishing to use ASU logos and trademarks must obtain permission to do so in writing from the university.

All use of ASU logos and trademarks must be licensed and will be regulated by the trademark licensing program at ASU. For more information, visit Trademark and Licensing.

ASU sunburst logo

The sunburst logo was introduced in 1995, replacing all preexisting ASU logos. The logo is made up of a sun icon that is incorporated into the three letter forms (A, S and U) and provides a strong and recognizable graphic image of ASU’s mission and purpose. ASU student organizations are not allowed to use the sunburst logo.


ASU Sunburst Logo Examples



University seal

ASU Seal

The university seal is used by ASU units only in very specific situations: formal and official documents such as diplomas, legal and official records, transcripts, programs for formal academic ceremonies and legal agreements binding the university. 

No modifications should be made to the seal (including color modifications and file types). No likeness of the seal should be created. 

The university seal may only be used with written permission from the Office of the President. To request permission, please contact Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management.


Sparky image

ASU’s mascot, Sparky, may be used on all applications by Sun Devil Athletics and registered student organizations. 

Sparky should not be used for communications of an academic nature, including research proposals, curricular materials or annual reports. He should never be modified, dressed or embellished. 

No likeness of his body or head may be created. 

ASU student organizations wishing to use Sparky on communications or material must first contact the student organization staff at the location of the organization’s registration.

Athletics pitchfork

Athletics Pitchfork

The pitchfork is reserved for Sun Devil Athletics. 

Any exceptions to this rule must be granted in writing by the ASU Brand Council.

Color palette

Maroon and gold, black and white are ASU’s primary colors.

Over many years, ASU has built brand equity in maroon and gold. These two colors define who we are as an educational institution.

ASU Brand Guide Core Design Color Maroon Gold color block

ASU Maroon
CMYK 10-97-37-43
RGB 140-29-64
HTML #8C1D40

ASU Gold
CMYK 0-21-88-0
RGB 255-198-39