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External paid advertising (media)

Paid media is a valuable tool to enhance your owned and earned media efforts. Any unit of ASU intending to run paid media, including social media, must work with the ASU Outreach Hub to coordinate your campaign, either internally or with the university’s agency of record — Lavidge — an award-winning Phoenix-based full-service advertising, public relations, strategy and creative marketing agency.

For smaller and one-off campaigns we recommend using the built-in tools from the major platforms to create your own campaigns. Below are some resources to get you started.

Request paid media services

Media request types

The role of the media team is to understand what media channels will most efficiently reach the target audience within the specified budget. There are two request types:

  • Campaign request: Looking for a recommendation on how to allocate an available media budget to support a particular initiative? Allow up to 15 business days for completion.
  • Point of view request: Seeking an opinion on an opportunity? Allow up to 10 business days for completion.



  • Request: The Outreach Hub responds via email within two business days of form receipt to confirm and clarify input or request a comprehensive media brief for the requester to complete.

  • Plan: The media brief is reviewed internally or shared with the agency. Pending project scope and parameters, we may request a call to review with the requester.

  • Review: A media plan recommendation is developed and emailed to the requester for feedback. Revisions are made as needed.

  • Authorization: Requester is to provide written authorization prior to the Outreach Hub or agency placing any media.

  • Creative: The Outreach Hub provides mechanical specs and creative material deadlines in the form of a production calendar. The requester must provide creative; Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management and Outreach Hub teams will then review, approve and distribute accordingly. Note: Lavidge provides creative services as needed for an additional hourly fee.

  • Billing: Invoices routed through the Outreach Hub undergo review and approval. Once approved, invoices are sent to the client for direct payment to the media agency.

  • Post: Proof of performance and a monthly digital report or campaign summary is provided. Reporting parameters are determined by the complexity of a campaign.

To ensure optimal performance, best-in-class deployment of ASU creative and convenience for the community, the Outreach Hub and Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management have developed an integrated process that is required for all paid media requests and which includes the required reviews of creative materials.