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Access and requests

Mailing lists

The ASU Outreach Hub can provide access to mailing lists for print, email and social media purposes. See below for instructions for how to request different types of mailing lists.

Email list requests

To request a Marketing Cloud data extension for:


  • Identify how to narrow down to the alumni you would like to communicate with. This can be done using granting school, degree names, plan codes, etc. 
  • Will you need more than one data extension? Options could be, but are not limited to: grad year, plan codes, age, etc. 

Request Alumni Email or Mailing List


Current employees

  • Identify the group of employees you would like to communicate with. If this group is outside of your department, we will need a business purpose and approval from the CFO’s office.
  • Department ID is generally the easiest way to narrow down to a specific department. Will you need all employee types, including faculty, staff, student workers?
  • Will you need more than one data extension?

Current students

  • We are in the process of automating student data. Once this is complete we will provide details on how to request a Data Extension. If you are requesting data outside of your department, approval from the Office of the University Provost will be required. 

If you have any other requests or questions, please contact the ASU Salesforce Marketing Cloud team

Print (mail) and social media list requests

To request a list for printed mailers or social media audience targeting, please fill out the List Request project form. Please allow one week for request processing.