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Access and requests

Fundraising support

Donor support for ASU students, faculty, educational programs and research has helped make ASU the accessible and excellent university it is today. Everyone at ASU plays an essential role in fundraising. The stories we write, the visuals we create and the messaging we develop help donors connect their giving passions with ASU. Whether you are new or experienced at writing for donors, explore the toolkits below for ideas, templates, key messages and more to help you support and advance your unit's fundraising goals.

Fundraising toolkits

Unit specific requests or campaigns

If you would like to run a unit-specific campaign, please contact your development officer to connect with the ASU Foundation’s Annual Giving team.

ASU Foundation website and UI toolkit

Did you know there are nearly 5,000 different funds our donors can give to across ASU? The ASU Foundation website is designed to help donors find their giving passions across the vast ASU ecosystem and easily make a gift. Based on an e-commerce platform, the site is designed to provide rich, specific and enticing content on every fund page along with a seamless checkout experience. 

Explore the ASU Foundation UI toolkit for fund pages to discover image and content specs, best practices and content tips and tricks.  

ASU Foundation Funds

A foundation fund page serves as the unique donation page for public ASU Foundation Funds, or accounts that currently accept gifts via the website. These funds benefit a specific ASU cause or purpose. This includes endowments, scholarships, funding for new initiatives, unit-based accounts as well as university-wide causes. Explore below for information about launching or editing an ASU Foundation Fund.

Fund submission requests

If you have a new fund that you would like to add to the ASU Foundation website, please submit a request.

Your development officer or business operations manager will need to work with the ASU Foundation finance team prior to completing this form. Please note that it takes 7-10 business days from this form completion before your fund will appear on the ASU Foundation website. 

Submit your fund request


Fund change requests

If you have an active fund page that needs an edit or you'd like to provide rich storytelling content, please submit a change request form.

All edit requests go through a review process for brand standards and can take up to 7-10 business days to appear on the ASU Foundation website.

Submit fund change request​​​​​​​