ASU Brand Guide - Elements of the Brand
Elements of the ASU brand

Company names

This section provides style guidelines for company names that align with the ASU brand in addition to the latest AP style updates.

Consult a company’s website for the official representation of its name. Click on the News or About tabs to find a press release from the company containing its official name.

  • Generally, follow an organization’s convention for capitalization, punctuation and abbreviation of the organization’s suffix — Company, Corporation, Incorporated, Limited. Do not use a comma before the suffix, even if one is included in the formal name.
    • ✅ Do: Intel Corp
    • ✅ Do: UnitedHealth Group Inc.
    • ✅ Do: Translational Genomics Research Institute on first reference, TGen thereafter
  • Only use an ampersand if it is part of a company’s official name, such as: 
    • ✅ Do: AT&T
    • ✅ Do: U.S. News & World Report
  • Do not capitalize an article such as “the” unless it is part of the company’s official name.
    • ✅ Do: The Kroger Co.
    • ✅ Do: The Arizona Republic
    • ✅ Do: The New York Times
  • Do not use all-uppercase unless the letters are individually pronounced.
    • ✅ Do: BMW
    • ✅ Do: USA Today, 🚫 Don't: USA TODAY 
    • ✅ Do: Ikea, 🚫 Don't: Not IKEA
  • Always capitalize the first letter if it begins a sentence.
    • EBay is an online auction site, but: The item is listed on eBay.
    • EdX partners with ASU, but: ASU partners with edX.

      Exception: adidas is always lowercase, even at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Do not use symbols such as exclamation points, plus signs or asterisks that form contrived spellings that might distract or confuse a reader, even if one is included in the formal name or logo: 
    • ✅ Do: Yahoo, 🚫 Don't: Yahoo!