ASU Brand Guide - Elements of the Brand
Elements of the ASU brand


In general, use AP style guidelines for capitalization. Exceptions are outlined in this section.



See Academic programs, degrees, courses and tests.


ASU locations

See ASU locations, campuses, buildings and units for guidelines. See ASU boilerplate text for campus descriptions.

Residential colleges

See ASU locations, campuses, buildings and units for guidelines.



A complete list of university forms is at

  • Capitalize the full names of forms such as applicationsDo not capitalize when used in a descriptive manner.
    • ✅ Do: ASU Scholarship Estimator, the scholarship estimator.
    • ✅ Do: Enrollment Verification Request.
    • ✅ Do: enrollment verification form, 🚫 Don't: Enrollment Verification Form.


See Formatting for headline guidelines.


  • New American University Scholars:
    • Uppercase “S” in Scholars. 
    • Most ASU merit-based awards are part of the New American University Scholarship and Financial Assistance program.
    • All recipients are called New American University Scholars with varying levels of awards.


See Times, days, months, seasons, years.


See Titles.

Web subdomains and pages

  • All pages on follow ASU writing style guidelines. 
  • In menus and navigation: For accessibility optimization, menus/navigation on, use title case, with the first letter of each word capitalized.
    • ✅ Do: About Us, 🚫 Don't: About us
  • In headings: Titles on page and in heroes follow AP style and are sentence case, with the first letter of the sentence and proper nouns capitalized.
    • ✅ Do: Engineering degree programs, 🚫 Don't: Engineering Degree Programs


URLs are always lowercase:

  • ✅ Do:

  • ✅ Do:

  • ✅ Do:

Website names

Names of websites are capitalized without quotes:

  • ✅ Do: Facebook
  • ✅ Do: LinkedIn
  • ✅ Do: Amazon
  • ✅ Do: Google