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Elements of the ASU brand


In general, use AP style guidelines for capitalization. Exceptions are outlined in this section.

Use in headlines


All expressions of headlines should be in sentence case — the first letter is capitalized, as are all proper nouns. For more on typesetting headlines, please see the typography style guide.





See Titles.

ASU locations




In campus names, “campus” is not capitalized.

  • Downtown Phoenix campus.
  • Polytechnic campus.
  • Tempe campus.
  • West campus.

See Campuses in Abbreviations for other ASU learning centers.

Centers, colleges, departments, institutes, schools, university

Use initial uppercase letters only for the full, official name as a proper noun. Do not capitalize when used in a descriptive manner.

  • ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.
  • the Department of English.
  • the English department.
  • the history department.
  • the institute.
  • the School of Human Evolution and Social Change.
  • the university, not: the University.

Do not use ampersands or plus signs in place of “and” in text or headlines, even for official ASU unit names.

  • School of Nursing and Health Innovation, not: School of Nursing & Health Innovation.

Residential colleges

Capitalize when used as an official name. Do not capitalize when used in general reference or in a list.

  • When you choose a residential college, you choose a community of fellow students in your college.
  • Cronkite Village is a residential college designed exclusively for Cronkite School first-year students.
  • At the W. P. Carey Residential Communities, you will live, learn and experience ...
  • Second references should be lowercase: The residential communities facilitate meaningful connections.



Capitalize the full names of forms such as applications. Do not capitalize when used in a descriptive manner.

A complete list of university forms is at

  • ASU Scholarship Estimator, the scholarship estimator.
  • Enrollment Verification Request.
  • enrollment verification form, not: Enrollment Verification Form. subdomains and pages


All pages on follow ASU writing styles and guidelines. For accessibility optimization, menus/navigation on, use Title Case.