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The ASU web ecosystem ( is a complex website that fulfills diverse needs and audiences. Data shows that visitors to view it as one ASU website versus a collection of subdomains maintained by individual units. As such, ASU has worked diligently to support community-driven efforts to build the Unity Design System, a platform-agnostic design system, designed to build high-quality, brand-aligned digital experiences.

Unity Design System

UDS delivers a library of accessible components that are web standards compliant. For use across departments, UDS includes a User Interface (UI) Kit for implementation and use with various back-end platforms like Drupal 8, Wordpress, Webspark and more. The effort aligns with goals for a consistent usability experience, to share lessons-learned, avoid duplications and focus on content and the needs of the user.

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Web development at ASU

ASU uses Drupal 9 as a tool and framework for mainstream website development. Pantheon is the preferred hosting environment for Drupal sites. Currently, all enterprise web products and platforms are led by Enterprise Technology. 

To learn more about ASU’s web products and platforms, contact the ASU web consulting team.


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