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Personalized outreach print templates

Outreach marketing can be used to engage your many different stakeholders – current and prospective students, family members, community partners, faculty and staff, donors and alumni. Personalized outreach can create stronger connections. It can be what makes people pause and pay attention when they are already overloaded with emails, texts and other messaging. The data shows that personalization in marketing and outreach can lead to greater engagement, loyalty and affinity.

In order to assist our units, the ASU Outreach Hub has developed outreach templates and tools to personalize and print on demand for your outreach, engagement and recognition efforts. Leverage the power of personalization combined with the strength of the ASU brand for high quality engagement. 

You will be asked to login with your affiliate ID or ASURITE when exploring the Print and Imaging Lab and prior to placing an order. If you do not already have an ASU Print Online account, please log in with your ASURITE and you will be approved for an account within one business day.

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ASU postcard

Templates include:

  • Thank you cards.
  • Holiday cards.
  • Birthday cards.
  • General use communication.

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