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ForeSee website feedback tool

ForeSee is Arizona State University’s Voice of the Customer enterprise solution which captures and measures the full journey of our key constituents on the ecosystem. With ForeSee, we can gather feedback in a way that allows us to prioritize impactful business drivers.

ForeSee uses a proven predictive model for CX measurement with the cause-and-effect framework, which predicts future behaviors like likelihood to recommend ASU, likelihood to return and request information based on current web visitors' attitudes.


How does ForeSee work?

The ForeSee platform works by presenting ASU website visitors with survey questions that are geared towards uncovering areas of improvement related to their web experience. ForeSee surveys are triggered at randomized points in time while users browse the ASU web ecosystem on desktop and mobile devices.The data collected via these surveys is available for analysis via the ForeSee CX Suite and Advanced Analytics Portal. The ForeSee survey is currently set up with a sampling percentage(SP) of 50 and loyalty factor(LF) of 2, meaning that the web visitor has a 50% chance of receiving the invite pop up by the second page they visit. The survey settings can be customized to have a higher or lower sampling percentage and loyalty factor. 

ForeSee is currently an enterprise wide tool with unlimited user seats provided by Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management. Units do not need to pay to use it.

As ASU’s enterprise survey platform, ForeSee enables you to:

  • Continuously measure the web experience of key constituents 
  • Identify important website elements for prioritization during improvement projects
  • Add website feedback buttons to your sites 
  • Uncover user pain points and sentiments, as well as improvement opportunities by analyzing open ended feedback from key constituents

What can you do with ForeSee?

  • Track website satisfaction score: ForeSee helps you to estimate and monitor your site’s customer  satisfaction score over a period of time. 
  • Gather direct feedback from visitors: ForeSee helps you to gather verbatim feedback from all key constituents. Furthermore, you can understand where users specifically struggled during their visit and also learn about how you can improve their experience on
  • Segment data by key constituents: ForeSee enables you to measure the satisfaction score for your key constituents. This helps you to recognize which of your constituents are most satisfied and least satisfied with their interaction with your site. Furthermore, ForeSee provides insights into the primary sections visited, whether they were able to accomplish certain tasks and also learn about their main purpose for visiting
  • Watch replay sessions: ForeSee’s Replay feature recreates the session visits for website visitors. The recreated replay video shows the user’s journey, where they clicked/scrolled and the pages they visited.
  • Embed short surveys on your site: The onsite feedback button helps you to add short voluntary surveys on different websites. The survey provides you with the opportunity to gather feedback directly from web visitors about a specific webpage.
  • Track ForeSee elements over time: You can use ForeSee to track the performance of important elements such as navigation, site information, information browsing and look and feel over time. In addition, this data can serve as a benchmark when you are planning to make iterative and major design changes to your site.
  • Estimate the satisfaction score for specific ASU urls: You can also estimate the website satisfaction score for specific URLs.

Examples of data collected and stored in ForeSee

  • Website satisfaction score
  • Improvement suggestions
  • Tasks people were unable to accomplish
  • Reasons for visiting
  • Primary section of visited
  • URL visited i.e. where the survey was triggered etc.

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