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ASU logos horizontal vertical sunburst only


New logo standards  

To avoid a case of mistaken identity, stay up-to-date on the Hub's new review and approval process for logos used by colleges, centers, service areas and initiatives. The Hub is now bolstering the ASU brand, and new standards are now in use. Compliance with these new standards is required as of July 2017. Read more about the project and receive updates.

Overview of use

The registered trademarks and official colors and fonts of the university are graphic elements that support the ASU brand. These elements strengthen the ability of the university to communicate its mission and message, and create a visual relationship between your audience and everything ASU.

  1. Use an ASU logo on everything you produce.
  2. Everything you produce should look like it is from ASU, using the university's colors, fonts and logos.
  3. Only one logo representing the university or one of its units should be used on a publication.

Those are the basics. Here are some details:

  • The ASU logo or an endorsed brand logo is the only graphic identity mark for all university campuses, units and endeavors.

  • Brand-aligned use: Use of the downloads indicates agreement to abide by the university standards within the Brand Guide.

  • Multiple units: When multiple university units are represented in a publication, the logo of the umbrella unit that represents all of them should be used. In some cases, a college or school is the umbrella under which the units may be represented. In cases that cross units or report through different branches of the university, the university logo should be used as the umbrella. References to individual units themselves should occur in text format only.

  • Prominent location: Place a logo in a prominent position on all electronic and print communication. An endorsed brand (a unique logo for a specific unit) is granted only under particular circumstances.

  • Area of isolation: Leave an appropriate amount of space, called the "area of isolation," around a logo, word mark or signature.

  • In use with partner logos: When an ASU logo is used with the logo of another institution or company (for example, in a partnership announcement), the university logo should appear to be the same size as that of the other logos and be placed on the publication in an equally prominent position.

  • Colors: Maroon and gold are the university's primary colors. Please refer to the approved university color palette for specifications.

  • Official versions, unaltered: Use only logos, word marks and signatures downloaded from the brand guide. Do not try to recreate them from other sources, and do not alter them.

  • Business cards and stationery: Use only authorized ASU stationery and business cards printed at ASU Print and Imaging Lab.

The ASU sunburst

The sunburst logo was introduced in 1995, replacing all pre-existing ASU logos. The logo is made up of a sun icon that is incorporated into the three letter forms (A, S and U) and provides a strong and recognizable graphic image of ASU’s mission and purpose.

Official logo versions

Use the original, high-quality graphic files downloaded directly from the brand guide below and do not change them. Do not scan or recreate the logo. Do not use bitmapped images such as Tiff or Pact file formats for offset printed materials because of their poor reproduction quality. The EPS file format is scalable and provides better reproduction for offset printing. Do not create additional filetypes, like SVG for the logos as these are not approved.