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Best practices — design

These design guidelines have been created based on our existing brand guidelines in order to adapt them for social media.

In here, you will find design best practices that apply to all platforms, as well as specific ones for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok, GIPHY and Instagram (feed and story formats). 

ASU Social media: Design best practices and guidelines 

For a quick guide to the most popular specs for social media, check out our “Quick guide to social media specs,” which includes file deliverable options, files size, image dimensions, character count and resolution specifications for all major social media platforms. 

ASU Social media: Specs/deliverables by platform 

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Our ASU brand values are reflected in the photos chosen for our brand photo libraries. Review ASU’s brand guidelines and best practices for photography. 

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Rights and releases


Video is a key component of any social media content strategy. Review ASU’s brand guidelines and best practices for video. 


Livestreaming presentations and events is a great way to increase the reach of your event. 

Find more information about how to set up a livestream to your accounts, as well as best practices.

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Rights and releases

Video publishing standards 

Captioning video