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If you manage an ASU social media account, you may have heard that you are responsible for ensuring the content is accessible. What does that mean?

Creating accessible content means using a few simple rules to allow all people equal access to your content. Often simple changes can improve access for people with:

  • vision impairments or blindness

  • color blindness or deficiency

  • hearing loss or deafness

  • impaired mobility

  • neurological or cognitive impairments

Moreover, techniques for making your content more accessible for users with disabilities makes it more usable for all users.

Accessibility is as important on social media as it is on our websites. Although you have little influence over the accessibility of social media platforms, themselves, you have complete control over how accessible your posts are.

Accessibility steps for social media

Make sure you're reaching as wide an audience as possible, including people with disabilities, by following these easy steps.

  • Supply accurate text alternatives for images.

  • Caption videos.

  • Make hashtags accessible.

  • Use a URL shortener.

Learn more about items plus more in-depth information on accessible social media. You can also learn more by checking out our “Workshop: Accessible social media” by downloading the slides and transcripts

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