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These are the official enterprise guidelines for social media use and management at ASU. Your college or department may have supplemental policies and guidelines; please refer to them for additional guidance. 

Looking for student code of conduct information related to social media? EOSS maintains social media training and use guidelines for ASU students.

Getting Started

Getting started on social media, or setting up a new account? Here are some things to think through, including a list of do’s and don’ts.

ASU social media policy

Official enterprise policy for ASU.

Best Practices — content

Consider these best practices, tips and tricks when crafting social media content to align with the ASU brand, the nuances of each platform and communicate effectively with your audiences.

Best Practices — design

Best practices, tips, tricks and specifications for creating brand-aligned social media assets that account for the capabilities and restrictions of each social platform.

Best practices — monitoring and listening

Guidelines for monitoring conversations and trends and customer service — critical aspects of managing social media.

Staffing guidelines

Recommended social media roles and guidelines for staff members whose positions include social media management.

Publishing guidelines

Guidelines for social media publishing through Hootsuite, the recommended social media publishing tool for the ASU enterprise.


Federal and state law, in addition to university policy, require that ASU's programs and services be available to persons with diverse abilities.

Paid social media advertising

Paid social media at ASU, including how to request advertising and additional internal promotional opportunities.

Tools and training

Social media tools, training for all areas of social media and additional resources to check out.

ASU social media accounts and hashtags

Lookbooks and toolkits for your use

Lookbook: Top Social Posts 2020  

See more lookbooks of top-performing content and brand-aligned executions of content across channels.


Lookbook - Social AR filters and lenses

Evergreen social tool-kits that support cyclical university-wide business and content priorities

Financial Aid: ASU social media toolkit

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