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Community Huddle

October 2022

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Welcome to The Community Huddle, the next phase of our favorite newsletter the Hub High Five! This monthly email will continue to deliver important ASU branding news, helpful tools and resources and highlight the great work of people like you!

In recognition of this new phase, we propose a break from five articles and huddle up around one topic instead — this month that’s the ASU Mobile App.

Downloaded by more than 374,000 unique users to date, the ASU Mobile App is a powerful communication tool, regardless of your audience. (It’s true.)


ASU app homescreen

Do you serve our student population? The core user experience is built for your audience.
The mobile app provides a large assortment of real-time data including live parking lot availability, library occupancy and dining hall menus, making it a go-to for students. Given advance notice, you can nudge your students through in-app or push notifications to a segmented audience highlighting ASU events, new services or student opportunities.


Want to reach a wider audience? Learners, families, alumni, donors and employees engage with a variety of content too. Sun Devil Rewards merged with the core ASU Mobile App last winter, and the audience using the platform is more diverse than ever. About 20% of the 25,000 SDR users are nonstudents— an audience that continues to grow. And using Amazon Web Services, the mobile app personalized features like the “live cards” hosts thoughtful content from ASU News and other opportunities for your intended audience.

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Have questions? We got you. The mobile team can be reached at

Check our the ASU Mobile App

Need to design a native mobile app?

Do you have a use case that is outside of the ASU Mobile App scope and are considering developing a native app all your own? We have tools to help! To get started, check out the mobile app standards and steps for approval in the Enterprise Brand and Marketing Guide.

Once approved, the new 🆕 ASU native mobile UI Kit has everything you need to design on brand.

  • The UI kit aligns with ASU’s Unity Design System standards while accommodating the unique needs of native mobile functionality and interactivity commonly found in many native mobile apps.
  • Components were designed to be flexible, modular and interchangeable in order to provide a library of primitives that are easily reassembled to create almost any kind of component without additional design.

Review mobile app standards  Explore native mobile UI kit

Huddle up on the things you need to know:

Just wrapped up: Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month | Sept. 15–Oct. 15, 2022
Share your unit’s celebration in the community scrapbook.

Coming soon: Salute to Service | Nov. 1–11, 2022
Resources now available for the 2022 event series in the social toolkit.

Around the corner: Homecoming | Nov. 13–19, 2022
View your homecoming celebrations in the ASU Mobile App by submitting to ASU Events.

New to ASU or onboarding someone new? Onboarding to Brand will be offered noon–1 p.m., Oct. 27, 2022.

Sign up for the webinar  Access social media toolkits

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Marketing Academy:

Happening monthly: Join a community monthly meeting. Check out the Marketing Academy calendar to see upcoming opportunities.