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March 2021

Spring All Hands

Spring All Hands

All Hands is back! Join us on Monday, April 12 for live webinars with Nathalie Nahai, psychologist, international speaker and author of the bestselling book, “Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion,” whose clients include Google, Accenture, Unilever and Harvard Business Review, among others.

As a communications community, we’ve navigated an extraordinary year where digital experiences have become more important than ever. This year has not only changed what we communicate but how we build relationships with our audiences for the foreseeable future. Nahai will help us navigate the changing world of digital communications by sharing the latest shifts in audience needs and examples of how resilient brands are setting the bar.

This year’s agenda for All Hands will focus on two important themes:

9–9:45 a.m.: The psychology of resonant communications and practical tips for building persuasive communications through digital interactions: How are the needs of our audiences changing and what are they looking for when engaging with our brand? This presentation will touch on principles behind persuasive brands and how we can use empathy, language mirroring and active listening to create greater rapport with audiences.

10–10:45 a.m.: Inviting our audiences into new conversations: In today’s environment, we are often inviting audiences into critical conversations and sharing information about university efforts centered on COVID-19, social justice and equity, and a changing on-campus experience. Whether facilitating discussions on a social channel or hosting a small virtual event, it is important to create psychological safety, provide a sense of agency among our audiences and take steps to create the space and context for civil conversations and more complex debates.

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forks up sleeves up

Vaccination campaign update

Announced last month, a task force has been established for coordinating a vaccination communication campaign across the university and is led by Media Relations and Strategic Communications, the Enterprise Marketing Hub, Ask a Biologist and the College of Health Solutions. Guided by marketing research and information from the Ad Council and the State of Arizona, the campaign will focus on three pillars: educate, encourage and engage.

Due to the coordinated efforts of the task force, we ask that units do not create their own messaging or creative around vaccines or vaccinations. We will be rolling out content and creative through the Hub High Five and social media Slack channels for units to utilize, the first of which is a social media toolkit to start educating audiences around vaccinations and vaccines. Please post and/or amplify campaign-related content at least weekly on your channels and utilize the #ForksUpSleevesUp hashtag.a

Another newly released tool developed by ASU’s Ask A Biologist team gives users the ability to visualize how masking, distancing and vaccinating can help slow the spread of COVID-19 across different populations. This tool is called COVID SIM. An interactive simulation takes users through a series of options for designing a city where SARS-CoV-2 is released. Users can implement different protections and safety precautions to alter the spread and outcome of COVID-19 over a one year period. This simulation tool is the first of its kind and uses the latest models and projections based on Johns Hopkins data. Please explore and share the tool with your audiences.

A few other updates:

  • The March Airtable content calendar has been updated. Please check it regularly for updates.
  • Vaccine campaign messaging has been added to the FourWinds system. We have provided videos and static graphics.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine: FAQ page is updated regularly, so please continue to push people to this page.

Social media toolkit      COVID SIM

COVID-19 vaccine: FAQ

Marketing cloud

Email naming conventions

The newest tool in the email resource toolbox has arrived.The ASU email community has collaborated to recommend a naming convention string for email communications.

This recommended string can be used for single email sends, campaigns and journey communications to assist in better organization of emails in your business unit, as well as more efficient and accurate reporting universitywide. See the new page on the brand guide for the recommended string you can use right away or for ideas to get you started in creating a naming convention of your own.

In case you missed our announcement last month, digital training videos on many facets of Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools and functionality are now available on Career EDGE.

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image of a drone

So you want to fly a drone on campus? Read this first

When it comes to filming aerial videos, drones make an amazing addition to a videographer’s toolkit. These flying cameras are versatile, cost-effective and capable of capturing high-quality footage.

But before you hire a drone operator to fly on or above any ASU campus or property, you must comply with ASU’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems policy, which includes prior approval from ASU Risk and Emergency Management.All documentation and forms must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the requested flight date. We’ve added everything you need to know to the brand guide.

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Widen updates

Brand photo and logo galleries

In January, we announced the move to a new digital asset management system, Widen. Widen is the new home of ASU brand photos and endorsed logos. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for Widen and gain access to all the new features by going to and selecting the “Login with ASURITE” button at the top. We will be notified when you have created an account. From there we will get you set up and send an email notifying you that you are good to go!

Based on feedback from our Marketing Academy Introduction to Widen, we have compiled all questions about Widen into an FAQ. This FAQ portal is located in Widen at the bottom of your dashboard. We have also added our Introduction to Widen Marketing Academy course to Career EDGE in case you were not able to attend either session.

Widen has also updated their system to utilize more screen real estate. The maximum width of the site is now 1920 pixels compared to the previous 1280 pixels. At the maximum width, six columns will display in grid view in search results. This allows for more assets to be shown in search results and reduces the amount of scrolling.

Intro to Widen recording      View widen FAQs