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February 2021

Forks up sleeves up

ASU vaccination campaign

ASU vaccination campaign “Words can save lives. Our ability to boost confidence in COVID-19 vaccines will depend largely on the language, the messengers and methods we use to communicate to Americans that the vaccine will help keep them and their families safe and healthy.” — Dr. Brian C. Castrucci, president and CEO, de Beaumont Foundation.

A task force has been established for coordinating a vaccination communication campaign and is led by Media Relations and Strategic Communications, the Enterprise Marketing Hub and the College of Health Solutions. Guided by marketing research and information from the Ad Council and the state of Arizona, the campaign will focus on three pillars:

  1. Educate — This first phase will focus on increasing general knowledge and improving attitudes about the effectiveness of the vaccine to build the foundation for vaccine acceptance.
  2. Encourage — The second phase will focus on increasing individual intent to be vaccinated by introducing social norms about vaccination among trusted individuals, families, friends and community.
  3. Engage – The third phase will focus on expanding social norms strategies with messages about access to increase the individual completion (both first and second dosages) of vaccinations.

Due to the coordinated efforts of the task force, we ask that units not create their own messaging or creative around vaccines or vaccinations. We will be rolling out content and creative through the Hub High Five and social media Slack channels for units to utilize, the first of which is a social media tool kit to start educating audiences around vaccinations and vaccines. Please post and amplify campaign-related content at least weekly on your channels and utilize the #ForksUpSleevesUp hashtag.

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social media guidelines

All-new social media best practices and guidelines

As we all experienced, 2020 was a pivotal moment for social media communications. Social media continues to evolve at a rapid pace and ASU’s efforts are no exception.

In light of this, the social media section on the ASU Brand Guide has been completely overhauled and expanded. Here you will find resources to make it easier for you to deliver information and creative assets to our audiences in a timely, clear and brand-aligned manner.

Some of the areas that have been revamped (and added!):

  • Go-to ASU content sources ranging from stories and podcasts to photography and topic-focused social tool kits for your use.
  • Guidelines for designing brand-aligned social content (including tips for when using in-platform creation tools like Instagram stories).
  • Content best practices, including quick tips, which platforms are best for different types of content, tips to increase organic reach, tone and Instagram takeover best practices.
  • Publishing guidelines and a Hootsuite how-to.
  • Best practices for staffing social media roles with student workers.
  • Training resources, including recordings of past Marketing Academies.
  • And many others!

Join us on Tuesday, Feb. 16 for a Marketing Academy discussing these changes. See you there!

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Widen(ing) the possibilities of digital asset management

Last month we announced the move to a new digital asset management system, Widen! Widen will be the new home of ASU brand photos and endorsed logos. Our last day in Photoshelter will be this Friday, Feb. 12. With Widen, searching and finding photos is easier than ever before. The photo metadata is now part of the search and Widen has even partnered with Clarifai, a leader in deep learning and artificial intelligence, to analyze every photo and provide even more searchable keywords. We can’t wait for you to jump in and start exploring the system.

You can now sign up for Widen and gain access to all the new features. Simply go to and select the “Login with ASURITE” button at the top. We will be notified when you have created an account. From there we will get you set up and send an email notifying you that you are good to go!

If you’re looking to learn more about Widen, the Hub will be hosting a Marketing Academy on Monday, Feb. 15 to showcase the new system and how easy it is to find brand photos.

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Web standards 2.0 project updates

Thank you! We’ve made good progress toward implementing the new Web Standards 2.0 header and footer across The hours and effort put in by everyone to make that progress is appreciated. If you need to discuss the timeline for your unit, please reach out to

If you weren’t able to attend the January Web Community meeting, please see the meeting recording and presentation that was added to the brand guide. Important updates included: next steps for support and training for implementing the release of Webspark 2 (Drupal 9), Unity (platform-agnostic UI kit) and ongoing technical support and documentation of the web development aspect of Web Standards 2.0 by the University Technology Office.

Additional Web Standards 2.0 project updates:

We will be holding a studio focusing on microsites on taking place Tuesday, Feb. 23, 10 a.m. to noon. Please contact, if you would like to participate.

marketing cloud training article image

Your one-stop-shop for Salesforce Marketing Cloud training

Now is your chance to become a Salesforce Marketing Cloud guru. New digital training videos are available on Career EDGE. With your schedule and training level in mind, these on-demand tutorials aim to make learning more accessible and convenient, and range from beginner-level tutorials on core Marketing Cloud functionality, to more advanced tools in the Marketing Cloud suite to help further personalize and enhance your communications. We will continue to grow our library of training modules on a regular basis.

Don’t miss these current video tutorials:

  • Interactive email.
  • Publication lists.
  • Measures.
  • Journey Builder.
  • A/B testing.
  • Dynamic sender profiles.
  • CloudPages.
  • AMPscript.
  • Filtered data extensions.

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