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September 2020

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ASU for You: an invitation to collaborate

As you probably know, the university launched ASU for You this March to provide valuable learning resources to the communities we serve, during the beginning of this uncertain time. We have partnered with units across the enterprise to gather a growing collection of learning tools and materials in one place to meet learners where they are, both in terms of physical location and educational needs.

With the academic year underway, we would like to add your resource to ASU for You. As you identify programs or learning resources that you would like to promote through partnership with ASU for You, please let us know.

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Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory announcement article image

Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory announcement

Arizona State University is pleased to announce the launch of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory as the next evolution of its commitment to use-inspired research and service to the global community in order to proactively design options in which life is able to thrive on a healthy planet. Under the guidance of Dr. Peter Schlosser, the Global Futures Laboratory deploys innovation, examines complexity and drives transformation through five spaces of learning, discovery, solutions, networks and engagement via cornerstone programs.

With this restructure comes some new programs and colleges as shown below:

  • Knowledge Enterprise
    • Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory
      • College of Global Futures
        • School of Sustainability
        • School for the Future of Innovation in Society
        • School of Complex Adaptive Systems
      • Global Institute for Sustainability and Innovation
      • Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service
      • Decision Theater

What you need to know:

  1. Make sure your digital and print assets are updated with these new program and college names, as well as new logos. The new logos for these units can be found on the brand guide.
  2. Any questions regarding the new names or programs can be directed to Jason Franz.

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No. 1 in innovation lockups

No. 1 in innovation once again

Congratulations are in order! For the sixth consecutive year, U.S. News & World Report has named ASU the most innovative university in the nation, ahead of MIT and Stanford

It is the people — our students, staff, faculty, researchers and alumni — that make ASU the innovative place it is. In fact, ASU is the only university to be recognized as No. 1 in the innovation category since U.S. News & World Report began the ranking.

The Hub will be renewing our license for the innovation badge with the same display privileges including social media, digital marketing, print collateral, video, television, radio, and apparel. Units may continue using the updated badge as they have been for the past year.

Here’s what you need to know about the innovation ranking:

  1. Use the 2021 No. 1 in innovation lockup graphics and badge for print and digital items. Additional badges for other U.S. News & World Report rankings can also be found in this folder.
  2. Use the official language and refer to ASU as No. 1 in innovation, ahead of MIT and Stanford (without numbers). In the 2021 ranking, MIT and Stanford do not immediately follow ASU, but comparing us to these prestigious universities makes a powerful statement.
  3. Is it #1 or No. 1? #1 is used only in the official lockup. In text, follow AP style: No. 1 in innovation.
  4. Update your web footers with the current ranking information. (If you're using Webspark, this will update automatically. Not on Webspark? Manually update your site’s innovation footer with the new badge artwork.)

Download the badge

New web standards article image

Announcing the launch of the new web standard

Over the past 18 months, more than 200 community members have been collaborating on the research, ideation, design and development of the new design system for that prioritizes mobile use, a consistent user experience, ease of information navigation, accessibility and precision of execution of the ASU brand.

The first Web Standards 2.0 project community includes the Adobe XD UI kit for all pages and the platform-agnostic component/code library for non-Webspark sites via Storybook and GitHub. The initial release of the Unity design system includes standards for:

  • Color palette, including text/background combinations.
  • Fonts and typography.
  • Spacing and columns.
  • Buttons and links.
  • Icons.
  • Background colors and patterns.
  • global header.
  • universal navigation: header and footer.
  • Secondary on-page navigation.
  • Heroes.
  • Content cards.
  • Accordions and tables.
  • Quotes and testimonials.
  • Forms (including RFI).
  • Alerts and banners.
  • Images and video.
  • Modals, carousels and galleries.
  • Charts, graphs and calendars.
  • Rules and dividers.
  • Lists and blockquotes.
  • Content feature layout suggestions.

The design system will continue to be evolved by and with the community in the coming, weeks, months and years. Preview some desktop and mobile page examples and see upcoming features that are currently in the works.

Reminder: The first compliance date for the Web Standards 2.0 project requires the implementation of the new header and footer by the end of Jan. 2021.

Phase 2 pilots are in process and the next community release will be a limited (new header and footer) version of Web Standards 2.0 for current Webspark users.

View the project timeline →

Request access to the Adobe XD UI kit →

Request access to GitHub and Storybook →

Return to campus updates

Return to campus updates

With in-person classes now in session, a task force continuously meets on a routine basis to deploy highly coordinated communications. As part of the Hub High Five, we will continue to provide important updates and reminders to the communications community:

Signage updates
Effective on Aug. 25, face coverings are required in all ASU buildings and outdoor spaces. The university task force has identified the immediate signage replacements. Facilities Management will continue to replace the signs in each building with the updated messaging over the coming weeks.

As a reminder, ASU Facilities Management has placed all required signage across the campuses and Environmental Health and Safety has reviewed all materials to ensure we are aligned with CDC guidelines. No units should be creating COVID-19 related signage.

Social media toolkit
We continue to update the social media toolkit for the return to campus campaign. We routinely upload new items or remove items in response to changes in policy or audience perception. This toolkit includes approved graphics and messaging. These should not be altered.

Be sure to check out our social media guidelines on the brand guide which talks about some best practices on responding to comments and feedback on your social channels.

Available photos and videos
Many units have come together to help create a library of photography assets. These assets include: ASU Sync, classrooms, dining, housing, move-in, general campus life and more. These photos can be accessed and downloaded from ASU’s Photoshelter library. More photos will be added every few weeks, so be sure to check back for more updates.

Important websites to reference
The university has stood up a few important websites with COVID-19 related information. Please make sure you have reviewed them and continue to monitor them as they will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Plans for fall 2020 →

COVID-19 guide →

Health check →

COVID-19 Management Framework →

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Marketing Academy:

Upcoming sessions

Happening monthly: Join a community monthly meeting. Check out the Marketing Academy calendar to see upcoming opportunities.