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October 2020

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Ready, set, go — share your recent photos of life on campus

President Crow has requested that we accelerate a collection of photos showing the recent activity taking place on campus — indoors and outside — featuring students, faculty and staff with their Sun Devil “smize,” or smiling eyes seen above their masks. Classes, labs, formal and informal, studious and serious, recreational and fun, athletics, activities and small gatherings — any and all photos that show life on campus. These images will be used in a variety of ways, including use in enterprise and unit social media, in email campaigns, videos, in ASU Now as standalone features and other uses as needed.

If each unit provides a few photos every week, collectively we will have an incredible new library! There are multiple ways to achieve this university goal. You can work with your own teams to capture new photos or share an outline for coverage with the enterprise photo teams to collaborate with you.

Please be mindful and follow current CDC and campus guidelines of social distancing and always wearing a face covering. Photos that do not follow these protocols will not be included in brand galleries. Photo releases and captions will also need to be captured for archiving and inclusion of all photos submitted, further described below.

If you would like to partner on a new photo assignment with a photographer , please email Danielle Knotts and Amy Chou.

When you have photos that are ready to share, please send for review for brand photo galleries via these steps:

  • Create a Dropbox folder labeled with your unit name and your name to contain all of your content. Add three subfolders for:
    • Photos
    • Videos.
    • Model releases.
  • Rename each photo or video in the following format: YYMMDDASU Name or description of shoot photo or video #, photographer or videographer initials (example: 200820 ASU First Day of Classes 125 CL.jpg).
  • Include in the photo metadata*:
    • Photographer name (to ensure credit is given appropriately and copyright is to ASU.)
    • Shoot location.
    • Date taken.
    • Caption with a description of what is happening and the names of everyone featured who is recognizable.

*If you do not have experience with metadata additions, please submit caption, location, date and photographer information in a text file in the same folder with the photos. The Hub can then add the metadata to the images.

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Student wearing a mask holding other masks

Print and Imaging Lab: We’ve got you covered!

We are here to help you and your team with all of your print fulfillment needs. Our print services are open to the ASU community and beyond! Here are a few possible projects or ways that the Print Lab can help you during this time:

  • Kitting and fulfillment, including custom boxes and shipping promotional products for a unit, college or employees.
  • Spirit face coverings (SparkyPitchfork and Print Lab original designs are also available in the Sun Devil Campus Stores!).
  • Graduate kits with a congrats yard sign and other gifts shipped to homes.
  • Project planning, budgeting and designs for the second half of the fiscal year.
  • Fun, removable vinyl sticker packs for giveaway items.
  • Personalized college-branded dye sublimation products.
  • Beautiful acrylic/aluminum, Dibond signage, wallpaper and wall graphics for your office.
  • Year in review softcover perfect bound books.

And, check out what’s new online!

  • Personalized postcards: stay in touch, encouragement, thank you, congratulations, anniversary.
  • Snap frames hardware and printed inserts available in many sizes.
  • Retractable pop-up banners.
  • Campus resource guides for 2020–21.
  • ASU Charter poster.
  • ASU design aspirations poster.
  • Business cards, stationery, name badges and notecard templates.

The Print Lab has also partnered with Sun Devil Athletics to offer fan cutouts in Sun Devil Stadium this season. Purchase a Sun Devil Fan Cutout for yourself, a family member or even your pet.

Let us help you brainstorm some cool, creative projects all created and produced at the Print Lab. We are committed to the progress of students as they learn by doing. We thank you for your continued support of the Print Lab — stay happy and healthy.

View available items for print

All you need to know about trademarks

All you need to know about trademarks

ASU’s Trademark Licensing office is actively working to educate its university partners on the internal buying process of products with ASU marks, names or logos. ASU claims ownership of numerous designs, insignias, logos, names, seals, slogans, sounds, words and any symbols associated with ASU. These are trademarks and are the exclusive property of the Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of Arizona State University.

Ordering promotional items for your department? T-shirts for an event? Gifts for the holidays? Below are some quick tips to know when purchasing items for your unit:

  • All licensed vendors have sourcing requirements and reviews by the Workers Rights Consortium and Fair Labor Association to ensure we are sourcing responsibly.
  • Items bearing any university mark, name or logo should only be produced by licensed vendors. If you have a favorite vendor that you would like to get licensed, please have them start with a CLC application.
  • Rules for the use of marks by each facet of ASU are very different: Athletics, marketing, retail, departments and student clubs have their own set of rules and standards regarding use. Please ask us! We are happy to help.
  • Rules vary on a product-by-product basis: Apparel and promotional items are different than signage, websites and other products.
  • Using the approved vendor list (Sunmart) is not the same as using the approved licensee list. When ordering products with an ASU mark, name or logo for internal or external use, please refer to the approved licensee list.

If you need help with a design, each licensed vendor has in-house designers that can help you create your masterpiece. They are required to submit to ASU’s Trademark Licensing office through CLC for final approval.

If you want more information about the why, who or how of trademark licensing, please visit our website or send us an email.

Ask a trademark question

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Photography updates

Electronic model releases
Did you know that ASU now supports electronic model releases? It’s time to leave your pen and paper behind and pick up some tips for collecting and storing model release forms electronically! In the recent “Model releases, schmodel releases” Marketing Academy session, we explored various paperless methods for obtaining releases, including an app-based tool that has been adopted by several teams at ASU. If you missed the session, be sure to check out the course on Career EDGE. You can also find more information about digital model releases on the brand guide.

A big thanks to the team at ASU Now, Enrollment Services Communications and the Office of General Council for their tireless work to transition into a new, digital format. A special shoutout goes to Amy Chou for leading the charge — your efforts are making a huge difference in our community!

Updates from the headshot studio
The headshot studio has been working hard to safely reopen and continue to provide professional headshot services for ASU faculty and staff. The studio is now open for a limited number of hours each week. No appointment is required, but please note that we may experience a heavy volume of requests and will not be able to take everyone’s photo. Be sure to check out the studio calendar and our COVID-19 guidelines before planning your visit.

Career EDGE course      Headshot calendar

Return to campus: fall 2020 virtual commencement

Return to campus: fall 2020 virtual commencement

Fall 2020 virtual commencement
The university recently announced that fall 2020 commencement ceremonies will take place virtually, just as they did in the spring. Check out for the schedule and ceremony details.

New in the fall! In partnership with the University Technology Office and the School of Arts, Media and Engineering, fall commencement will also be displayed in a mixed-reality format. Videos will be shot with Kinect cameras to provide an augmented reality experience on mobile phones that will represent the ceremony in the user's physical space. Assistant professor Robert LiKamWa is working with a group of students to develop the interactive, immersive experience to take this commencement season to new heights!

In the spring, the community worked hard to gather and create a number of virtual assets to make graduation a memorable experience for all students and families. Many of these assets are still available for use and we encourage you to promote them to your students through your communication channels. View and access virtual assets here.

The Enterprise Marketing Hub will be working closely with the Office of University Events and Protocol to produce high-quality videos for the commencement ceremony. A number of these videos will be available to units to use in individual college convocations as well as the special interest ceremonies. Videos should be available by the end of November and will be distributed through college graduation coordinators.

If you have specific questions regarding marketing assets for graduation, please contact Kelsey Smith at

Available photos and videos
Many units have come together to help create a library of photography assets, including ASU Sync, classrooms, dining, housing, move-in, general campus life and more. These photos can be accessed and downloaded from ASU’s Photoshelter library. More photos will be added every few weeks, so be sure to check back for more updates.

Signage updates
Effective on Aug. 25, face coverings are required in all ASU buildings and outdoor spaces. The university task force has identified the immediate signage replacements. Facilities Management will continue to replace the signs in each building with the updated messaging over the coming weeks.

As a reminder, ASU Facilities Management has placed all required signage across the campuses and Environmental Health and Safety has reviewed all materials to ensure we are aligned with CDC guidelines.No units should be creating COVID-19 related signage.

Important websites to reference
The university has stood up a few important websites with COVID-19 related information. Please make sure you have reviewed them and continue to monitor them as they will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Commencement assets →

Plans for fall 2020 →

COVID-19 guide →

COVID-19 Management Framework →

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Marketing Academy:

Upcoming sessions

Happening monthly: Join a community monthly meeting. Check out the Marketing Academy calendar to see upcoming opportunities.