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November 2020

A rankings primer

A rankings primer

A rankings primer Recognizing excellence in an array of categories from innovation and academics to student experience and veterans programs, ASU’s rankings build pride among students, faculty and staff. Beyond boosting school spirit, rankings increase enrollment, expand partnerships, attract high-caliber professors and researchers and solidify the university’s reputation both nationally and globally.

To help you make the most of ASU’s accolades in your marketing and communication efforts, the rankings committee has added a comprehensive section to the brand guide, with special focus on rankings from the U.S. News & World Report. The guidelines ensure that everyone in the university ecosystem has access to the most recent and approved rankings. You will find detailed information about approved verbiage, which universities to include as comparables, how to determine when rankings are updated, how to get a logo lockup and much more.

For rankings outside the U.S. News & World Report that are important to a specific academic unit,the guidelines will provide a blueprint for how to vet whether we can use a ranking that is not currently approved by ASU.

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Type talk: Which weight in which format? What does the license say?

While ASU has secured font licenses for communicators, the weights purchased are not licensed for use in all media. There are specific updates from the font owner that must be followed per our legal agreements. We have also secured a special rate for creative vendors working with ASU, like design firms and video production houses. They may buy their font licenses at a discounted price directly from the font company.

Please note that under no conditions should the font package be shared with third party creative services companies. Fonts may only be shared with production vendors, such as printers, as part of a packaged file for one-time use — for example, a printed booklet. Production vendors may not store or reuse the font on other projects.

For university communicators, please work with your department’s technical team to follow these required guidelines for using Akzidenz Grotesk Std:

Installation and previous copies of the font:

  • ASU’s font, Akzidenz Grotesk Std, may only be installed by a tech lead from UTO or in the unit on a licensed computer owned by ASU as part of the Request ASU Font License process led by UTO.
  • All previous versions of Akzidenz Grotesk must be deleted (Pro, BE, BQ, others).
  • The font may not be stored on a file server. All copies of the font on servers in units must be deleted immediately.
  • Super, Heavy, Extended are no longer approved for use in any format.

Desktop use in the creation of materials that will have limited circulation, including flyers, brochures, print magazines, postcards, posters, booklets and similar items:

  • Licensed ASU users may use Akzidenz Grotesk Std Bold, Medium, Regular and Light weights.
  • Limited use of Medium Italic and Regular Italic is permitted, though they are recommended only in limited scenarios as needed in paragraphs of text to note titles of works or other text where the italic is used to add meaning or aid understanding.
  • Limited use of Condensed is permitted, though recommended only in limited scenarios where space and clarity necessitate use, as in the labelling of numbers in charts.
  • No other weights permitted in this format (Extended, Super, Heavy or any other weight).

Digital publishing, including viewable and editable PDFs:

  • All web and email typography must follow brand guidelines for web standards, using Arial.
  • Licensed ASU users may use Akzidenz Grotesk Std Bold, Medium, Regular and Light weights to create all forms of digital publishing document files including TIFF, PDF, PNG and similar high-resolution formats and publishing solutions such as XFlip, Yudu, Zmags, Wordpress, Uberflip, Pressmart, Issuu, Google Currents and similar solutions for distribution.
  • Limited use of Regular Italic, Medium Italic and Condensed is permitted.
  • No other weights permitted in this format (Extended, Super, Heavy or any other weight).

Video, broadcast television commercials and electronic displays, such as digital billboards and boards in the stadium:

  • Licensed ASU users may use Akzidenz Grotesk Std Bold and Regular Condensed weights in video files, including formats such as Flash, HTML5, MOV, GIF and similar files. Please note that you may not sell or transfer videos for commercial benefit.
  • Regular Condensed weight may be used for small scale notifications if required in the video.
  • No other weights permitted in this format (Light, Regular, Medium, Italic, Medium Italic, Extended, Super, Heavy or any other weight).

Retail sale apparel and goods:

  • No licenses are secured for this use. Any material using Akzidenz Grotesk Std may not be sold by ASU.

ASU communicators, review font brand guidelines.

Vendors, purchase licenses at a discount.

register mark on asu logo

Marking your mark!

Most of us have seen the ® symbol next to a brand name or logo. The “R” stands for “registered” and means that the mark has federal trademark protection in the U.S. Using the ® is important because doing so preserves the right to receive certain monetary compensation in a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Trademarks indicate a product’s affiliation with an entity. For example, if you see the pitchfork on the right, you know that the shirt is associated with ASU.

If you see a ™ to the lower or upper right (either place is acceptable) of a mark that means the trademark isn’t registered yet.

Service marks (SM) indicate services that are associated with an entity. For example, if you see the mark ASU Enterprise℠ mentioned in an article, this stands for the educational and other services that ASU provides. Placing a ™ or an ℠ isn’t a legal requirement, but it provides notice to others that you either have a registered mark or that you are using and claiming trademark or service mark rights to it.

So when should you use the symbols in content?

In press releases and news copy, it is recommended to use the trademark symbol on the first use of the mark (unless the first use is in the title) or with the most prominent use of the mark. The remaining usage of the mark should be without the symbol. Always use the full trademarked name and proper capitalization. For logos, the ® or ™ is required in every instance.

If a trademarked brand name is in all caps, determine whether it is a “word” mark or a “graphic” trademark. If it is a “word” mark, do not use all caps. An example of a graphic mark is the ASU “sunburst” logo.

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Help your website content get discovered

You’ve spent time creating valuable content on your website — now help audiences find it. We’ve added search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to the brand guide. These guidelines help ensure the best chance for your content to be discovered by users of Google and other search engines.

These resources will help you:

  • Adjust your content to maximize discoverability.
  • Configure on-page elements and metadata.
  • Optimize image assets and link text.
  • Understand technical considerations that can affect SEO.

We’ve started with the tips that can have the biggest impact on your site. See how you can jump-start your content today.

Learn to optimize

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Virtual commencement and healthy campus photography updates

Fall 2020 virtual commencement

New in the fall! In partnership with the University Technology Office and the School of Arts, Media and Engineering, fall commencement will also be displayed in a mixed-reality format. Videos will be shot with Kinect cameras to provide an augmented reality experience on mobile phones — representing the ceremony in a way that unfolds in the user's physical space.

Assistant professor Robert LiKamWa is working with a group of students to develop the interactive, immersive experience in order to take this commencement season to new heights! Students and their families will need to download and install the ASU Commencement app to view the AR experience, which will be available in early December.

In the spring, the community worked hard to gather and create a number of virtual assets to make graduation a memorable experience for all students and families. Many of these assets are still available for use and we encourage you to promote them to your students through your communication channels. View and access assets here.

The Enterprise Marketing Hub will be working closely with the Office of University Events and Protocol to produce high-quality videos for the commencement ceremony. A number of these videos will be available to units to use in individual college convocations as well as the special interest ceremonies. Videos should be available by the end of November and will be distributed through the college graduation coordinators.

Check out for the schedule and ceremony details.

Available photos and videos

Many units have come together to help create a library of more than 400 photography assets. These assets include: ASU Sync, classrooms, dining, housing, move-in, general campus life and more. These photos can be accessed and downloaded from ASU’s Photoshelter library. More photos will be added every few weeks, so be sure to check back for updates.

Photography guidelines for Healthy Campus

COVID-19 and its resulting health and safety issues have presented communicators with a challenge that we are navigating together. We will continue to capture life on campus and in our community, reinforcing the health guidelines kept up to date as part of ASU Health Services’ coverage and guidance during the pandemic.

Brand photos to show what life at ASU looks like during this time are kept in the Healthy Campus brand gallery. Additional photography guidelines during the pandemic have been added to the Brand Guide as a resource for units.

Social media toolkit

We continue to update the social media toolkit for the Healthy Campus campaign. We routinely upload new items or remove items in response to changes in policy or audience perception. This toolkit includes approved graphics and messaging, which should not be altered.

Be sure to check out our social media guidelines on the brand guide which talks about best practices for responding to comments and feedback on your social channels.

Signage updates

ASU Facilities Management has placed all required signage across the campuses and Environmental Health and Safety has reviewed all materials to ensure we are aligned with CDC guidelines. No units should be creating COVID-19 related signage. Custom signage that has not been reviewed and approved may be subject to removal.

Important websites to reference

The university has stood up a few important websites with COVID-19 related information. Please make sure you have reviewed them and continue to monitor them as they will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Plans for fall 2020 →

Health Check →

COVID-19 Management Framework →