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May 2020

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ASU for You marketing kit

This spring, the university introduced ASU for You as a part of our comprehensive response to COVID-19. The site is a curated collection of some of our most valuable learning tools in one place. ASU for You represents a partnership across all corners of the ASU enterprise. We have made it easy to incorporate ASU for You in your communications by providing approved and licensed images to present a consistent representation of ASU for You.

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Web Standards 2.0: timeline and progress

Web Standards 2.0: timeline and progress

Do you contribute to content, design or back-end development of an page or subdomain? If so, this update applies to you.

The Web Standards 2.0 project kicked off in February 2019 and the enterprise-wide adoption deadline for is set for July 2021. Here’s what you need to know:

  • More than 200 communications, web, marketing and design community members have come together through a series of workshops, design studios, surveys and community meetings throughout the past 14 months to help make and prioritize decisions for the next version of asu.eduweb standards based on user studies, best practices and data.

  • Project goals:
    1. Enhance user experience as measured by an improved satisfaction score (ForeSee).
    2. Increase quality and engaged traffic to by 5% year over year (Google Analytics).
    3. Optimize the ASU website as an exemplar of curated, high-production value content that projects the excellence of the ASU brand.

  • Drivers of satisfaction:
    1. Search (tools, SEO and content, display and user experience).
    2. Navigation (universal — header and footer, subdomain, primary and secondary).
    3. Design (modernization and a stronger articulation of the ASU brand).
    4. Technical delivery (platform, accessibility, mobile, performance and search tools).

  • Timeline:
    • End of June:
      • UTO delivers pilot release of the Web Standards 2.0 Unity UI kit.
    • July–September:
      • Pilot development with volunteer units.
    • January 2021::
      • Adoption of high priority items (navigation and search) by all subdomains and pages.
    • July 2021:
      • Adoption of Web Standards 2.0 for all subdomains and pages.


Read the full project findings report to learn more about the priorities and data behind the decisions.

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font licenses

Typeface talk: your guide to font licenses

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a font deserves equal credit for telling a story. ASU’s primary typeface, Akzidenz Grotesk Standard, for example, is integral to the university’s branded marketing and communications, appearing in our advertising, promotional booklets, pamphlets and more.

To grant ASU communicators access to this unique font, the university has secured a limited number of licenses. Following these simple guidelines will ensure our continued ability to use the typeface as part of a successful marketing strategy:

  • Approval is required and the font must be installed by UTO. Sharing of font files among users is prohibited.
  • When users change their work computers or need to reinstall the font, UTO must track these changes, removing the previous license from a computer no longer in service and adding the font to a new machine. Each font license is tied to a current user’s ASURITE ID.
  • When users change computers, departments or leave the university, the previous license must be removed from the computer for which it was originally approved. Teams experiencing high-volume turnover can work with their IT teams to remove the old license so that UTO can track the change. New team members can request the font to be assigned to the computer under their ASURITE ID at the link on the brand guide font page.

To find out who has a font license in your department, email Paul Emerson. To request a license, please fill out the form below.

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ASU Summer camp with symbols in background

How can Summer Camps best serve the community?

Each year, we look forward to convening the community of ASU marketers and communicators. Current circumstances are shaping how Summer Camps will look and feel, but we know how important this event is for sharing and engaging with one another. Our goal, as always, is to make the experience as valuable as possible.

Please take a moment to fill out this short survey to share your thoughts on which aspects of Summer Camps you feel would be most beneficial in light of how we are working today.

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Snapping DIY headshots just got easier

Snapping DIY headshots just got easier

You want a pro-quality headshot for iSearch or LinkedIn, but with the ASU Headshot Office temporarily shuttered due to the current work-from-home recommendations, who do you turn to? We’ve got you covered. In fact, with our newly unveiled “Best practices for taking your own headshot” resource, snapping that star-quality close-up is so effortless, you’ll be channeling that inner shutterbug in no time!

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