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Hub High Five

July 2020

Students wearing masks

Return to campus: spirit face coverings and photography assets

With in-person classes set to resume, the university has been working to prepare our campuses. A task force continues to meet on a routine basis to deploy a highly coordinated communications campaign. A shout out to all the individual contributors from Business and Finance, Educational Outreach and Student Services, Enrollment Services, Enterprise Marketing Hub, Knowledge Enterprise, Media Relations and Strategic Communications President’s Office and University Technology Services who are rapidly deploying the enterprisewide campaign. As part of the Hub High Five, we will continue to provide important updates and reminders to the communications community:

Available photos and videos

Part of those efforts have been to photograph what campus life will look like upon our return. Many units have come together to help create a library of photography assets. These assets include: ASU Sync, classrooms, dining, housing, move-in, general campus life and more. These photos can be accessed and downloaded from ASU's Photoshelter library. More photos will be added every few weeks, so be sure to check back for more updates.

Spirit face coverings

The university has also decided to offer spirit face coverings and all royalties will be directed to COVID-related Foundation funds. If you are considering purchasing facemasks for your unit, please review the following guidelines:

  • Who may produce spirit face coverings:
    • Only licensed vendors who have the proper certification for PPE wear may produce spirit face coverings. There are many vendors promoting customized face coverings who are not authorized to do so. Also, there are many crafts resellers (ebay, Etsy) who are not authorized vendors. Remember, using licensed vendors enables us to channel royalty funds to much needed COVID-19 relief funds.
    • The Print and Imaging Lab may produce custom orders. They are a great resource for orders of 100 or less and also may provide consultation to units.
    • The ASU Bookstore will be offering product lines of spirit face coverings. Please visit their website to view inventory.
    • Remember, the university has purchased a large stock of spirit face coverings for students, faculty and staff. These will be made available and distributed on campus.

    For more information on the approved vendors, please contact ASU Trademark and Licensing

  • What you can produce on a spirit face mask: 

    Through this program, we are only allowing spirit symbols. Spirit face coverings cannot display:
    • The official Arizona State University logo.
    • Endorsed logos.
    • University seal.
    • The name of the university, colleges, departments, centers or institutes, sports team names. This includes short names such as ASU and Arizona State for the university and departments.

    Face coverings may only display:

    • Sparky.
    • Sparky’s Pitchfork.
    • The Athletics Pitchfork.
    • Hand Pitchfork.
    • Forks Up, Masks Up.
    • Simple icons or artwork.

    Please remember not to support wearing unlicensed materials, especially when photographing individuals. If you have questions regarding photography or securing cloth face coverings, please contact the Enterprise Marketing Hub and we will get you connected to the right resource.

Reminder about signage

ASU Facilities Management will be placing all required signage across campus and Environmental Health and Safety will be reviewing all materials to ensure we are aligned to CDC guidelines. No units should be creating and posting COVID-19 related signage in buildings. If you feel you have a unique need for COVID-19 signage, please contact facilities to review and discuss.

Important websites to reference

The university has stood up a few important websites with COVID-19 related information. Please make sure you have reviewed them and continue to monitor them as they will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Plans for fall 2020

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Make your email signature count

To maintain and share a professional and consistent email signature across the university, head for the easy-to-use signature generator developed by the ASU Print and Imaging Lab. Through the email signature, we understand that slight customizations might be required to meet individual needs.

The “Custom statements” section allows you to distinguish whether you would like your information to be hyperlinked or formatted as plain text. For example, this can be used to add in preferred pronouns, graduating class and major, quotes, mission statements and more. We’ve updated our “ASU #1 in the U.S. for innovation” footer option to reflect our current ranking, as well as added a “Forks up™. Masks up.” option.

Keep in mind that graphics should not be added to your signature as these appear to smartphone users as attachments that must be downloaded. These include, but are not limited to: endorsed logos, photos and drawings. The Sun Devil Pitchfork or Sparky should never be used in email signatures by academic and university business units.

Update your email signature

Best practices for livestreaming

Best practices for livestreaming

Livestreaming presentations and events is a great way to work within health guidelines and still reach your audience. The Hub’s live event production team can also edit your recordings for online archival.

If you are planning an event and would like us to stream it for you, just fill out a Video Production Live Event Production Request. Our team can stream the event to any social media platform or ASU Live, the official university livestream. Please note that reservations are held on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s recommended that you book your event with us as far in advance as possible.

Livestreaming Zoom meetings and webinars is a useful way to host an event with multiple remote speakers. The Hub can help with that, too. We’ve added some new best practices and guidelines for livestreaming to the brand guide.

Learn more

Web Standards 2.0 update

Web Standards 2.0 update

The first pilots of the new web standards for are in development! Volunteers from The College, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, School of Sustainability/GIOS, Knowledge Enterprise and Enrollment Services Communications are testing the new platform-agnostic components in Drupal and WordPress environments. Their experience, testing and feedback is critical to deploying a new experience that can be successfully implemented by anyone managing an subdomain.

A big shoutout to the cross-university team who came together over the past two months to develop the ASU platform-agnostic User Interface (UI) kit, Unity, for the ASU community.

Thanks to: Tyler Kilbourne, Steve Ryan, Nathan Rollins, Earl Alexander, Zainab Alsidiki, Bryan Barker, Stetson Finch, Walter McConnell, Brandon Jenkins, Kathy Marks, Itzel Morales Lizárraga, Bryan Roseberry, Michael Samuelson, Manny Singh, Colton Testamarck and Allison Perlis.

Timeline update:

  • Aug. 1: Phase 2 pilots begin with New College, Herberger Institute and Educational Outreach and Student Success for Web Standards 2.0 Limited — new header and footer (Webspark 1, Drupal 7).
  • Aug. 31: Community release: Web Standards 2.0 Unity UI kit (Adobe XD, Storybook, GitHub, NPM package registry).
  • Sept. 30: Community release: Web Standards 2.0 Limited, Drupal 7.
  • October: Phase 3 pilotsbegin, Webspark 2 (Drupal 8) early adopters: Cronkite, Thunderbird, Provost Office.
  • Oct. 31: Community release: Initial Webspark 2 UI kit launch.
  • Jan. 31, 2021: Compliance date: Web Standards 2.0 Limited implemented on all pages.
  • July 31, 2021: Compliance date: Web Standards 2.0 implemented on all pages.

Join the ASU Web Standards Slack channel to be part of the conversation, or hear the next update at the upcoming monthly ASU Web Community meeting on Thursday, July 23.

AP style updates

AP style updates

As ASU communicators, we are challenged daily to deliver clear, consistent messaging that reflects current changes in our local and global communities. Following the ASU writing style guide, based in large part on Associated Press Stylebook’s current edition, can help to align messaging across channels to project a strong, consistent voice.

The brand guide is an ever-evolving document that keeps pace with AP style updates related to such topics as race, gender, the pandemic, stereotypes, climate change and technology. Here are some examples of recent additions to the AP Stylebook:

  • Capitalize Black as an adjective in a racial, ethnic or cultural sense: Black people, Black culture, Black literature, Black studies, Black colleges. African American is acceptable for an American Black person of African descent.
  • Capitalize Indigenous, a term used to refer to original inhabitants of a place.
  • Use descriptions rather than labels. For example: older adults or older person/people instead of senior citizens, seniors or >elderly.
  • Use phrases such as homeless people, people without housing or people without homes instead of the homeless.
  • Use climate change instead of global warming, which is just one aspect of climate change.
  • Use COVID-19 instead of COVID unless part of a quotation or proper name.
  • Use front lines(s) (n.), front-line (adj.).
  • Use lock down (v.), lockdown(n., adj.).
  • Use virus’s for the singular possessive form of virus, not virus’.

View ASU Writing style guide

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