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Hub High Five

January 2020


Greetings from the new CMO, Ann Toca

Happy 2020, marketing community! I am honored to have been appointed your new chief marketing officer. As you know, Dan Dillon has been appointed CEO of Enterprise Partners and when he and President Crow asked if I would expand my role and accept this position, I was happy to be of service. 

The CMO role at ASU has many facets, not the least of which is to set the direction and enable through numerous mechanisms positive outcomes for our collective marketing efforts. Additionally, I am entrusted with the Hub team of about 100 staff and students who work hard to have a positive impact on the ASU brand through their creativity, dedication and collaborative service to the ASU marketing community. Last, but by no means least, as the CMO I have been called upon to help advance a number of strategically important cross-university projects and initiatives by identifying and ensuring the successful implementation of branding, marketing communications and constituent engagement solutions as part of the overall playbook for these projects. I will do my best to keep your interests and challenges in mind as I navigate this important role.
There are three major priorities I have identified for my first 100 days:

  1. At the last marketing summer camps we talked about marketing technologies being the enablers that will transform how we communicate with and engage people. I am happy to report we have recently hired a consultant and our digital transformation work is underway with recommendations due by the end of March. Whatever we learn and build will be shared broadly at this year’s summer camps since we anticipate applicability across the enterprise. 
  2. Our brand platform was created about six years ago and is the foundation for the branding and marketing decisions we make. We are kicking off a project to examine if there needs to be adjustments to the attributes, functional benefits, emotional benefits and/or the visual and verbal signals or articulation of our value proposition: “on my way to a better life.” We will be documenting the brand refresh process to create content for the enhanced brand training you have requested, which will also be unveiled at this year’s Summer Camp.
  3. Continue to build our community. I continue to focus the Hub team on responding to the ideas you generated at the Fall All Hands Community Brainstorming Session. This month we are releasing new networking opportunities and providing more hands-on training. There is a great networking session coming up in February and we are building more hands-on training as part of this year’s Summer Camp.

I’ve tried to resist the cliche, but here’s hoping 2020 brings into sharper focus our collective ambitions, actions and achievements and advances our astonishing marketing community. I look forward to working with you in this new role and will be sending you routine updates through the Hub High Five. As always, my fellow Hub team members and I welcome your feedback.

– Ann Toca, vice president and chief marketing officer, Enterprise Marketing Hub

Spotlight your best practices at the Digital and Communications Summer Camps

Spotlight your best practices at the Digital and Communications Summer Camps

Do you have a project, a resource, an example of success you’d like to share with fellow communicators as a presenter at this year’s summer camps? Showcase the ways you and your team are successfully implementing the ASU brand through brand strategies, project management, social media, visual creative, research and insights, email and digital creative. The best people to motivate, educate, inspire and advise the ASU marketing and communications community are those delivering remarkable work and results every day. 

Are you:

  • Experienced and comfortable speaking in front of an audience between 50–100 people?
  • Able to share unique experiences, real-world insights and knowledge in compelling, visual, informative and memorable ways?
  • Excited to promote the event among the ASU marketing community?

The marketing community is hungry for practical, hands-on workshops that provide new approaches to their work. If you have something impactful to share with your ASU communications peers, please apply to speak. Each proposal will be reviewed by a committee of ASU professionals. The deadline to submit your entry is March 20, 2020 and we'll respond by April 17, 2020 with an answer. Entries focused on in-demand topics, measurable elements or demonstrating a strong application of the brand are preferred.

Submit your entry now!

Piloting a successful partner campaign with MidFirst Bank

Piloting a successful partner campaign with MidFirst Bank

This fall, the Hub launched an integrated pilot campaign to promote university partner MidFirst Bank that was carefully coordinated with Homecoming. The campaign included email, social media and Sun Devil Rewards and brought people to a co-branded campaign landing page.

The campaign was an evolution of an annual sweepstakes run by MidFirst with other marketing partners. This year, anchoring ASU’s communication on Homecoming events and activities helped drive nearly 1,000% improvement in entries, year over year. 

Highlighted results: 

  • The campaign resulted in more than 4,500 new accounts for MidFirst. 
  • ASU outperformed other marketing partners from MidFirst’s home base of Oklahoma.
  • Using multiple channels lifted performance. 

See the campaign deck

ASU Print Online: one-stop shop for on-brand collateral

ASU Print Online: one-stop shop for on-brand collateral

On ASU Print Online, you will find the latest university brand collateral: 2019 Year in ReviewASU Thrive magazinescampus guidesevent signageproposals and brochuresbrand tools and more. 

This spring is filled with many networking events some of which are part of our monthly Marketing Academy and quarterly All Hands meeting. Before you head to those events, check to make sure you have enough up-to-date business cards. If you’re in need of a new set, head over to ASU Print Online and order yours today. Don’t forget to select an on-brand business card back as well!

If you’re a newcomer to ASU Print Online, an account will automatically be created for you. Once your account is approved and set up, you will receive an email from the Print and Imaging Lab letting you know you can place an order. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, email

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Tips for optimizing your videos on YouTube

Tips for optimizing your videos on YouTube

Are your videos on YouTube easy for viewers to find? The Enterprise Marketing Hub has been working with Convince and Convert and YouTube to update our recommended best practices. Here are a few highlights of actions you can take today to help your videos perform on YouTube.

  • Shorter is not sweeter on YouTube: Unlike other social networks, videos that are more than four minutes long are more positively received by viewers. Watch time is a key metric that YouTube uses to determine the value of an individual video and the channel as a whole. 
  • Compelling thumbnails draw viewers in: Most videos use thumbnails today, but not all. This is the image that is displayed when the video comes up as a search result in YouTube or Google. Upload a custom graphic with text to describe the video and a compelling photo to draw the viewer in.
  • Titles are key; pay attention to the first 40 characters. They need to include rich keywords and help the viewer quickly understand what the video is about. Do not try to trick the viewer. The title should be an accurate reflection of the video’s content and should be 100 characters or less. Focus on your first 40 characters — they are what will be displayed on search results.
  • Ensure the description of each video has relevant keywords that support the SEO strategy for discoverability. While YouTube descriptions can be long (up to 5,000 characters), giving you room to pack in keywords, the first 150 characters are crucial for the audience as they are above the “fold.” Although the viewer may skim your description, YouTube and Google algorithms will reward longer, more complete descriptions.
  • Include captions in videos, as 80% of videos are watched without the sound turned on. Because YouTube indexes the dialogue in videos to aid with search, having accurate closed captions is key. There are many affordable and accurate services available.
  • Use SEO keywords as tags to aid in discoverability. Tags can be a single word, but the best tag length for YouTube is a phrase of two to three words. For ASU, a well-composed video title that is keyword-rich can be broken down and used as phrase tags. Tags should be specific and focused on the topic. The optimal number of tags is between 31 and 40 with a mix of moderate-length phrases and one to two words. 

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