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February 2020

All Hands — spring 2020

All Hands — spring 2020

Each spring, we invite a fresh voice from outside ASU to inspire our community. At All Hands on April 28, author, speaker and strategic consultant Kate O’Neill will explore why understanding technology and humanity are equally important in developing meaningful, dimensional and integrated experiences. 

Kate’s expertise in data-based business models, integrated experience strategy, and human-centric communication comes from more than 20 years of experience and entrepreneurship leading innovations across technology, marketing and operations in category-defining companies.

She was one of the first 100 employees at Netflix, where she created the first content management role and helped implement innovative, dynamic e-commerce practices that later became the industry standard; was founder and CEO of [meta]marketer, a first-of-its-kind analytics and digital strategy agency; led cutting-edge experience optimization work at; developed Toshiba America’s first intranet; and has held leadership and advisory positions in a variety of digital content and technology startups.

In addition to this dynamic speaker, there will be time for networking with your fellow communicators. We look forward to seeing you there!


Speakers wanted for Summer Camps

Speakers wanted for Summer Camps

For anyone who is a part of the marketing and communications community at ASU, Summer Camps are the best time of year. This year, people will gather from across the university on Aug. 6 and 7 to network, share ideas, teach and learn. No matter what your area of focus, there are sessions for you! Planning for this year’s Communications and Digital Camps is already underway, and we want to make sure the content is as relevant and valuable as possible for those who attend.

Are you:

  • Experienced or comfortable speaking in front of an audience between 50-100 people?
  • Able to share unique experiences, real-world insights and knowledge in compelling, visual, informative and memorable ways?
  • Excited to promote the event among the ASU marketing community?

The marketing community is hungry for practical, hands-on workshops that provide new approaches to their work. If you have something impactful to share with your ASU communications peers, please apply to speak. Entries focused on in-demand topics, measurable elements or demonstrating a strong application of the brand are preferred. Each proposal will be reviewed by a committee of ASU professionals. The deadline to submit your entry is March 20, 2020 and applicants will receive a response by April 17, 2020.

Apply to speak

Social media crisis management

Social media crisis management

No one wants to imagine that a mass-casualty tragedy could happen on our campus. The good news is that the university plans for such events, and ASU’s Office of Media Relations and Strategic Communications will lead the public information aspect in response to a campus crisis. During such an event, MRSC becomes part of ASU’s Incident Command System structure and their staff reorganizes as the ASU Information Center. The Center will generate internal and external communications for the response and recovery effort. ASU communicators at all levels will be pivotal in helping inform the university community through consistent and coordinated communications originating from Center staff.

For more information on ASU’s crisis response planning, please watch the following presentation from the 2019 summer camp or contact

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March Marketing Academy meetup

March Marketing Academy meetup

Based on the great feedback from All Hands last fall, we will be hosting another Marketing Academy networking meetup in March. Lavidge, a local marketing agency and preferred ASU partner, has graciously offered up their facility to host the next meetup. After surveying the community for topics, this meetup will be focused on public relations!

Lavidge will be discussing: how to pitch stories to local media outlets, how to develop/train faculty to be media-ready, media outreach and more.

Event details:
When: Thursday, March 12, 2020
Where: 2777 East Camelback Road, Suite 300, Phoenix AZ 85016
Time: 3–5 p.m.

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Things are not always #000000 and #FFFFFF

Things are not always #000000 and #FFFFFF

The ASU color palette reflects ASU’s optimistic and bold nature. It includes a collection of primary, secondary, metallic ink and foil colors. It’s not easy to remember all of these color values and why should you have to when you have Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries! With Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries you can manage, organize and access colors, design assets and more in your favorite Creative Cloud apps. They allow us to work more efficiently and ensure creative consistency. The Marketing Hub has put together an official ASU Creative Cloud Library with all the colors in our brand. Follow it today to ensure you’re always up to date as we grow the library. Before you do, take a moment to review some key points about our brand colors.

ASU primary colors

  • Maroon and gold are recognizable as brand-specific colors and should always be considered for the first choice for color elements in your project. ASU has built brand equity in maroon and gold. These two colors define who we are as an educational institution.
  • White and black serve as foundational colors that allow maroon and gold to shine.
  • Maroon, gold, black and white are ASU’s primary colors.

ASU secondary colors

  • The use of secondary colors should be done sparingly and with the intent of complementing the primary color palette.
  • The secondary palette is helpful when building complex data visualizations and maps that require multiple colors for clearer reading.
  • These colors should not be used in a dominant way or in lieu of the primary colors. If maroon, gold, black and white have already been used in the project, the secondary palette can be useful when used in limited ways. Remember, these colors can have a negative effect on brand recognition when used in large areas of a project.

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