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Hub High Five

August 2020

future plans for return to campus

Return to campus

With in-person classes set to resume, the university has been working to prepare our campuses. A task force continues to meet on a routine basis to deploy a highly coordinated communications campaign. As part of the Hub High Five, we will continue to provide important updates and reminders to the communications community:

Social media toolkit

Last week we released the social media toolkit for the Return to Campus campaign. This toolkit includes approved graphics, which should not be altered, and approved messaging. Check out the toolkit.

Spirit face coverings

Please remember not to support wearing unlicensed face coverings, especially when photographing individuals. Only licensed vendors who have the proper certification for personal protective equipment may produce spirit face coverings. There are many vendors promoting customized face coverings who are not authorized to do so. Also, there are many crafts resellers (eBay, Etsy) who are not authorized vendors. Remember, using licensed vendors enables us to channel royalties to much needed COVID-19 related Foundation funds. If you have questions regarding photography or securing cloth face coverings, please contact the Enterprise Marketing Hub and we will connect you with the right resource.


ASU Facilities Management will be placing all required signage across campus and Environmental Health and Safety will be reviewing all materials to ensure we are aligned to CDC guidelines. No units should be creating and posting COVID-19 related signage in buildings. If you feel you have a unique need for COVID-19 signage, please contact facilities to review and discuss.

Available photos and videos

Many units have come together to help create a library of photography assets. These assets include: ASU Sync, classrooms, dining, housing, move-in, general campus life and more. These photos can be accessed and downloaded from ASU’s Photoshelter library. More photos will be added every few weeks, so be sure to check back for more updates.

Important websites to reference

The university has stood up a few important websites with COVID-19 related information. Please make sure you have reviewed them and continue to monitor them as they will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Plans for fall 2020

Sticky notes on the wall

Fall 2020 Marketing Academy schedule

The ASU Marketing Academy is the go-to workshop/studio/best practices opportunity for university communicators, and the fall 2020 Marketing Academy calendar is underway! Current session topics include:

  • Livestreaming your virtual events.
  • Do’s and don’ts of successfully promoting your virtual events.
  • Using trust and emotion in social media.
  • And many more!

A big shoutout to the cross-university team who came together over the past two months to develop the ASU platform-agnostic User Interface (UI) kit, Unity, for the ASU community.

Check out the Marketing Academy schedule and be sure to check back often as we are always updating the calendar

Have a topic you would be interested in presenting? Submit a proposal.

Check out calendar

collage of zoom background images

New Zoom and YouTube look books

Zoom video backgrounds

Getting tired of the same background? Use this look book to mix it up. We’ve compiled backgrounds for spirit and commencement, campus locations and Sun Devil Athletics so you can rep your favorite Sun Devil team or sport and ensure your background is brand-aligned. The look book includes step-by-step instructions for changing your background.

YouTube end screen templates

End screens can be added to the last 5-20 seconds of your videos to promote other videos, encourage viewers to subscribe and more. As we continue to evolve YouTube best practices, we’ve created standardized ASU end screens you can use when publishing on the platform that include several variations to meet your unique needs. We’ve even included a how-to video tutorial for adding the end screen into your Premiere Pro timeline.

Zoom look book      Youtube look book

To cap or not to cap? That is the question

To cap or not to cap? That is the question

Have you ever stopped typing midsentence to look up a rule about capitalization? There’s no doubt: Caps are complicated. We’ve put together this mini-guide so you can type with confidence:

Academic degrees. Capitalize official diploma titles, but lowercase degree majors (unless they are proper nouns, e.g., English, Spanish, American Indian):

  • Bachelor of Arts in anthropology.
  • Bachelor of Science in chemistry.
  • ’94 BA in theater.

Academic titles. Capitalize and spell out formal academic titles such as professor, chancellor, provost and president when used immediately before a person’s name. Lowercase formal titles after a name:

  • Professor Brown.
  • Dean Jones.
  • John Doe is a chemistry professor at ASU.

ASU-awarded professorships such as ASU President’s Professor and ASU Regents Professor should always be capitalized and “ASU” should precede the recognition in the first reference.

Company names. Do not use all-uppercase names unless the letters are individually pronounced. Others should be uppercase and lowercase, even if the organization’s practice is otherwise:

  • BMW.
  • USA Today, not USA TODAY.
  • Ikea, not IKEA.

Campuses. In campus names, “campus” is not capitalized:

  • Downtown Phoenix campus.
  • Polytechnic campus.
  • Tempe campus.
  • West campus.

Composition titles. For book titles, computer games, movies, operas, plays, poems, albums and songs, radio and television programs, lectures, speeches and works of art:

  • Capitalize the principal words, including prepositions and conjunctions of four or more letters.
  • Capitalize an article (a, an, the) or a word of fewer than four letters if it is in the first or last word in a title.

Departments. Use initial uppercase letters for the official name. Do not capitalize when used in a descriptive manner.

  • ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.
  • The engineering department.

Event titles. Capitalize all major words including prepositions and conjunctions of four or more letters.

Headlines. Capitalize only the first word, proper names and proper nouns.

Website titles. Capitalize only the first word, proper names and proper nouns.

Website menus. Title case all menu items, whether in the primary navigation, drop down menu, sidebar menu, footer or jump menus.

See all capitalization rules

New! Social media specs for every platform

New! Social media specs for every platform

1x1, 16x9, 9x16, .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp4, video, image, text, galleries, carousels, stories ... how long can that be again?

Are you creating social media content or working with a designer or videographer to create social assets? Do you need to be able to make sure they know what the specs are, but finding that you’re looking for that same information over and over again via Google searches? There are so many options for sharing information on social media platforms that it can be hard to know what specs to use and where to look for the most current information.

We’ve made it easier for you. We’re working on a larger new set of social media best practices on the ASU brand guide, but in the meantime, we’ve created a quick reference guide of all social media deliverable specs and best practices by platform.

We hope this helps to simplify your content creation process — bookmark this reference to save even more time!

View the reference guide

Marketing academy section image

Marketing Academy

Check out the fall calendar. New sessions have just been added! 

Year-round: Partner with Sun Devil Rewards 

Career Edge courses available on the Brand Guide