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April 2020

Now available: email brand guidelines

Now available: email brand guidelines

It’s no secret that email has one of the highest returns on investment in the digital marketing/communications landscape, and that the trust that your audience has with you is nowhere stronger than in their inbox.

We’ve added a new email section to the ASU Brand Guide, and we’re excited to share resources for our email developers, strategists and content creators that aim to make it easier to deliver our audiences the information they need in a timely, clear and brand-aligned manner.

New highlights on the brand guide include: content best practices for both commercial and transactional emails, CAN-SPAM rules and regulations, accessibility guidelines and a new Salesforce Marketing Cloud template with 22 components available for universitywide usage.

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Utilizing the ASU Mobile App in your communications

Utilizing the ASU Mobile App in your communications

Designed to enhance the student experience and support academic success, the official ASU Mobile App is constantly evolving to provide Sun Devils with instant access to essential features they need most. Fueled by ASU Now and ASU Events, the app serves as a news and promotional resource for you, circulating the stories and events you post on these sites to students and other members of the ASU community.

Push notifications are also a powerful way to engage students in the app. Tailor personalized messages to targeted student audiences around opportunities such as academic support, opportunities to stay connected to the university while learning remotely, scholarships and more.

The ASU Mobile App team has compiled some marketing assets to assist academic units in promoting the app to students. If additional assets are needed, or if units wish to onboard content creators to develop push notifications, please email

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Print and Imaging Lab: last-minute projects!

Print and Imaging Lab: last-minute projects!

As the end of the fiscal year draws near, we want you to know that we are here to help you and your team with any of your print needs. If you have any last-minute projects or extra budget that needs to be used before the fiscal year closes, we have created a list of possible projects or ways that the Print Lab can help you during this time: 

  • Personalized postcards: Graduate 2020, Stay in touch, Encouragement, Thank you, Congratulations and Thinking of you cards.
  • COVID-19 Emergency print projects (safety materials, hand-washing signage).
  • Promotional calendars for fiscal year 2021, or personalized college-branded notebooks.
  • Stationery and notecard templates for easy ordering on ASU Print Online.
  • Year in review materials.
  • Sticker sheets or other evergreen giveaway items.
  • Acrylic/aluminum Dibond, wallpaper and wall graphics for your office.
  • Have any personal projects? Our print services are open to the ASU community and beyond!
  • Project planning, budgeting and designs for the next fiscal year. 
  • Year-end closeouts — schedule time with the team to close out any outstanding invoices.

Our ASU Print Online development team is using this time to add new templates and additional functionality to our website, as well. If there are any templates or products you would like to see available to order 24/7 through ASU Print Online, please take a moment to share your feedback with us to guide our efforts!

We are working closely with Mail Services and FedEx to support the university both on and off campus. 

Whether you are at home, online or on campus, we are here to support you! Stay safe, stay focused and let's keep our students working. We thank you for your continued support of the Print Lab — stay happy and healthy. Go Devils!

Thank you,

Print and Imaging Lab team

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YouTube: Crash Course partnership

YouTube: Crash Course partnership

Have you visited ASU’s official YouTube channel lately? Through the help of a cross-university team we've made significant changes to refocus the channel on learning, rather than marketing, with the goal of driving subscriptions and reaching new viewers. At the center of this effort is the new Study Hall series, created in partnership with EdPlus and Crash Course, a YouTube educational channel that has 10 million subscribers.

You’ll also notice reorganized playlists, new featured ASU channels and new episodic content such as Catalyst, produced by Arizona PBS in partnership with ASU Knowledge Enterprise.

Since launching Study Hall on March 31, we’ve welcomed more than 5,000 new subscribers and channel views have more than doubled since this time last year.

If your unit is producing video content you think may be a good fit, contact You can also find updated guidelines and best practices for YouTube in the brand guide.

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Return to campus: fall 2020 virtual commencement

Virtual commencement

As we all have experienced over the last several weeks, technology enabled engagement presents an extraordinary opportunity to come together. And as our undergraduate and graduate students know from what they have accomplished, adaptation and perseverance are part of what the university experience is all about.

Obviously, this means a departure from our traditions. But reimagining ASU’s commencement ceremonies does not mean cancelling them. Sun Devil Nation is going to celebrate our graduates, and we are here to help.
Many university units have come together to provide virtual engagement opportunities. In this deck, you will find:

  • Community engagement tools and resources, such as lock-ups, augmented reality (AR) tools, photo libraries and more! 
  • Virtual ceremony items, such as best practices for user-generated video content, examples of the Marching Order graduate slide for ceremony and Propics mosaic video for colleges. 
  • Media relations and public announcements, such as the ASU Now communication plan and ASU Mobile App live cards.

To ensure our commencement efforts are aligned throughout the university, please utilize these resources. If you have any questions on assets your unit is creating, please reach out to

Tools and templates

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Marketing Academy

Year-round: Partner with Sun Devil Rewards

Career Edge courses available on the Brand Guide