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September 2019

Community brainstorm at All-Hands

Register today: All-Hands brainstorming meeting on Oct. 28

Join us for a community brainstorming session on Oct. 28 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Memorial Union. Your ideas are critical as we develop new solutions to the challenges facing our communications community. The session will be facilitated by Christine Whitney Sanchez, Executive Director of Organizational Culture and Human Development from the University Technology Office, who has deep expertise in helping communities create positive change.

Join the conversation by registering now!

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Training videos now available through Career Edge

Looking for best practices, tips and tools about things like UX, Marketing Cloud, web design, design tools or project management? Check out the more than 30 videos that are now available on Career Edge. Filmed during Summer Camp 2019, each video is courtesy of your fellow communications community. Go to, search for "Hub" and select “Enterprise Marketing Hub” in the “Provider” filter to find all available videos. Added bonus: When you complete a video, it will be recorded on your Career Edge transcript.

We hope you enjoy this new resource and a big shoutout to all the summer camp presenters who made this new video series possible!

Browse Career Edge videos now.

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3 tips on creating video captions

Video is now a cornerstone of social media marketing, yet even savvy marketers often forget to include closed captions. It’s a big mistake. Why? On Facebook, 85% of videos are played without sound. In addition, a 2016 internal Facebook study revealed captioned video ads increase view time by an average of 12%. By adding captions, you improve your content’s accessibility — and engagement.

Here are three pointers on creating video captions:

  • Facebook and YouTube both provide free automatic captioning tools. Be sure to review the automatically created captions for inconsistencies or mistakes. Twitter, just earlier this year, finally added subtitle support for iOS and Android.
  • Instagram does not provide native captioning tools at this time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide captions. Using Adobe Premiereyou can “burn” the captions onto your video.
  • If you do not have someone in your unit who is able to caption or transcribe your videos, there are several paid services that offer captioning, such as CamtasiaRev and Amara.

To learn more about accessibility and video captioning, visit the ASU Web Accessibility site.

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Digital letterhead

Creating digital letterhead for official university communication through email, web and other electronic applications just got easier! The Print and Imaging Lab has created an electronic letterhead template on ASU Print Online which allows you to customize your letterhead and will email you a Microsoft Word document to edit. After you’ve added your own body copy, you may save your letter as a PDF document to share with others.

Please note that electronic letterhead is not a replacement for official printed ASU letterhead. All academic and administrative units should use the official printed ASU letterhead and envelopes for printing purposes. You may order these and other official items through ASU Print Online.

Order your electronic letterhead (Microsoft Word template) today.

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Brand guide redesign

We’re planning a redesign of this fiscal year and would appreciate your feedback to make it the most helpful we can for all of our communications, marketing, creative, branding and web needs.

Please consider sharing your feedback in this quick, three-question survey

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What’s new:

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Brand guide updates

Download the 2020 No. 1 in innovation lockup graphics and badge for print and digital items.