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October 2019

Community brainstorm at All-Hands

All Hands: Last call to register!

The All Hands buzz session on Monday, Oct. 28, 9–11 a.m. in the Arizona Ballroom at the Memorial Union is no standard-issue meeting. This unique gathering is a brainstorming session where you can huddle with marketers and communicators from across the campus to develop new solutions to common challenges facing our community. The session will be facilitated by changemaker Christine Whitney Sanchez, Chief Culture Officer from the University Technology Office.

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Sharing your Spark stories on Innovation Day

This year’s Innovation Day honors the doing of innovation by creating spaces across all of our campuses to engage in two-hour Spark sessions. A Spark session is a two-hour meeting used by faculty, staff and students to examine immediate service issues or revise a process, and identify how to make rapid improvements. So on Nov. 1 when the university celebrates Innovation Day, you can use these at-a-glance tips for getting the word out:

  1. Capture video of your Spark session.
  2. Summarize your session and what problem you solved in 60 seconds or less.
  3. Utilize the official lockup or one of our innovator GIFs.
  4. Post it to social media and use hashtag #High5ASU, #ASUinnovators and #ASUSpark.

What will you Spark this Innovation Day?

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How to hype your next event

You’ve just wrapped up plans for an amazing event. Now it’s time to get the word out. Fortunately, maximizing your exposure is easier than ever. By utilizing the ASU Events website, you can:

  • Easily promote your event universitywide.
  • Be featured on the ASU Events website, and potentially other sites.
  • Get exposure to over 100,000+ users through Sun Devil Rewards and ASU mobile app events.

To maximize attendance, be sure to get your event in as early as possible! Your department likely has someone with access to add events into the system for review. You should direct event submissions through that person, if possible. If you don’t know who to connect with, you can reach out through our contact form and we can help.

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Make your email signature count!

To maintain and share a professional and consistent email signature across the university, head for the easy-to-use signature generator developed by the ASU Print and Imaging Lab. Through the email signature, we understand that slight customizations might be required to meet individual needs. The “Custom statements” section now allows you to distinguish whether you would like your information to be hyperlinked or formatted as plain text. For example, this can be used to add in preferred pronouns, graduating class and major, quotes, mission statements and more.

Keep in mind that graphics should not be added to your signature as these appear to smartphone users as attachments that must be downloaded. These include, but are not limited to: endorsed logos, photos and drawings. The Sun Devil pitchfork or Sparky should never be used in email signatures by academic and university business units.

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Picture perfect: Q & A on photo releases

Q. Should I get a photo/model release when I take someone’s picture?
A. The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, please.

Q. Do I always need a photo/model release?
A. If the subject in the photo is identifiable, you need a photo release.

Q. What about simply getting a verbal agreement?
A. People in public places like the ASU campus can have their photo taken without their permission. However, without a photo release you can only use these images for personal or editorial use. Because most of the work ASU marketers and communicators produce is considered advertising or commercial use, we need to obtain photo/model releases and keep them on file.

Q. Where can I get a photo release?
A. Individual releases are available for download on the brand guide here. For your convenience, photo releases can be ordered from the Print and Imaging Lab.

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What’s new:

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